You've Got All it Takes

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Whatever it is you want to become you have got all it takes to become it. Whenever you tell yourself that you can't achieve a desired goal for whatever reason, logical or emotional, you are cheating yourself. You are like a commercial farmer and you have got the tractor in you already, every other tool is an addon -- cultivators, tillers, planters, harrows, e.t.c. 

The only thing that can prevent you from achieving your goal is you, not the lack of anything. My best movie quote is from King Kong where Carl Denham after trapping Jack Driscoll on the ship and upon hearing Jack say he loves the theatre, made the following statement: "If you really loved it, you would have jumped." That statement has been my biggest motivator. It showed me that it's right to give all you've got to get what you truly want. That sometimes all it takes is all you've got. And we all know that an inner fire can't be quenched as long as the host keeps fanning it. Nothing is impossible to a determined man. All he needs is already within him and determination ensures that he finds and harnesses them.  

I have this rare video interview of Steve Jobs, it's the video that has most impacted my life. The first time I watched it I was sure that my happiness lies in taking intelligent risks, charting my own course and ignoring failure. It showed me that the only way I can make the most of my potentials is to make a career out of what I am most passionate about, that thing I will jump of a ship for (quit everything for). Now when I watch that video I smile at myself because I'm now doing just that. I'm doing the things I am most passionate about and I'm proud of giving up a lot for it. Though my goals are fuzzy, my passions aren't. If I had all the money in the world I would be doing what I'm currently doing, just on a larger scale. And that is what it means to find your true passion and follow it, or them in my case. You become obsessed with achieving it that you stop counting the cost. And Steve Jobs referred to it as living in such a way that if you knew you were going to die tomorrow you still wouldn't change a bit (except update your will).

So whatever it is you really want to be, go after it because you've got all it takes. And remember that sometimes it will take all you've got, but if it's your true passion it will always be worth it.


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