The Future Is Now Looking Very Bright

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I now get calls everyday. I'm no longer the one pursuing clients. I'm beginning to consider hiring more hands. Though cash isn't flooding in, yet, but as far as sales pipeline is concerned, mine is full. Keeping up with requests and following up with prospective customers is now becoming almost impossible. Somehow all my efforts of the past 5 months are beginning to bear fruits. For once, I can see not just with the eyes of faith but also with my real eyes that Excel can make me rich. 

I'm no longer thinking of where the next business is going to come from, instead, I'm now bothered about how to take care of all the requests I get. My weekends are all gone. I now wish I have more than 2 days in my weekends. My current headache is creating a service system to make me turn down the fewest number of requests. It means having something for everyone. I'm already standardizing my online Excel training to cater for those who can't afford my class based training or premium one-on-one training. Everyone I have trained is assuring me of referring more people to me, they all say I exceeded their expectations. If one can cash compliments I will be extremely rich by now. My mail inbox and sms inbox is filled with head-swelling compliments.

Just yesterday I got another full-time job offer. That is the 4th I have gotten in these past 5 months. As usual, I turned it down. This week I'm resuming everyday at a client's company to understudy their data driven operations and improve them. It first came as a full-time job offer. 

And so now I can say with all conviction that the future is looking very bright.


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