I Now Make Friends Without Trying To

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It's amazing how I now easily make friends, without even intending to. 

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It used to be that when I go to events or meet people I end up being friends with just a few of the people I want to be friends with. I was more like the regular quiet guy. No one takes special interest in me. And I often have to work hard to become friends with the ones I end up being friends with. But now things have miraculously changed. In most events I go there are always people who just take special interest in me. I can't even remember the last event (this year) I went to that some guy or girl didn't give me special attention, taking exceptional interest in me. And it's usually without my trying to even impress them. 

It got me thinking about what has suddenly changed about me to cause this amazing feat. I began looking for patterns in my recent interaction with people at events, and what I could narrow the cause to was that I have become much more natural, simple, questioning and helpful at social gatherings. Somehow the online me has projected itself onto the offline me. I'm more relaxed and being my true self at events. I talk in a simpleminded way, ask personal questions and give helpful comments. Sometimes it gets me embarrassing attention. And it's gotten me ladies' phone numbers without my asking. It seems being simple, funnily frank and uninterested impresses people more than trying to impress. The only bad part is that I truly wasn't trying to impress. I get their contacts and don't keep in touch. So now my friends' churn rate is extremely high. 


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