Taking A Mental Break

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Occasionally we all need to take mental breaks. To stop trying to take charge and order our daily activities. To break free from our high pressure lifestyle and observe nature and the events we like to control happen without our domineering influence.

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To take a mental break is like taking a vacation to refresh you mind. So many of us take vacations just to spend time away from office work, we load it with lots activities and events that we seldom accomplish all we set to do during the vacation. We seldom let go of our strict plans, our willingness to dominate our daily flow and desire to fill each day with as much tasks as possible. We seldom take a mental break. A break to free our mind and be an observer for a few days. 

Taking a mental break helps you notice the things around you that you never knew were there. It helps you know your family, friends and those around you better. It helps you release stress. It helps you take a higher view of living, seeing the things that can't be penned on a todo list or done by planning. It helps you become more natural, creative, caring and philosophical. It brings you closer to the real you, as you observe more than reacting.

Taking a mental break is not easy and not something we are used to doing. It can be very hard to let things go on around us without exerting our presence. It's like making yourself almost invisible. It makes most people feel like others are taking them for granted. People around you will even be surprised my your new laid back and calm attitude. But it might also be the best break you've taken in a long time.


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