Want to make a screenshot of a current window and not the whole laptop screen?

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Have you ever wanted to make a quick snapshot of just a portion of your screen, specifically an application's window and you thought the only solution was to take the screenshot of the whole computer screen and crop the image? Well in this unusually short post, I will show you how to make a screenshot of only the particular window you need an image of.

Just to set things straight, the easiest way to take a computer screenshot is to press the PRTSC button on your laptop/computer. Some laptops have dedicated key for it, others will require an additional press on the FN key. Whichever the case, you will end up with the screenshot of your entire computer screen. So, what if you only want the screen capture of internet explorer or just the skype conversation you are having or just the error prompt an application is giving? How will you do this without having to run a special application?
Now, that is what I'm going to show you.

Rather than this

All you need to do is press ALT and PRTSC, which can physically translate to pressing just ALT + PRTSC or ALT + FN + PRTSC depending on your keyboard layout. Nevertheless, you will get the same amazing result of capturing only the current/active window.

And if you are bothered that you can't see the image of the capture you just did, open either Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel or its equivalent and Right Click in an empty new document, select Paste. CTRL + V will do the same, the image will appear as a picture which you can Right Click to save on your computer or any storage device of your choice.
But if you want an automated method, one that automatically save your screen captures as soon as you press the keyboard combination. Just install Google's Picasa software and run it in the background (I mean run and minimize its window). The intelligent guy will automatically saves any screen capture you make in a folder called Screen Captures under a parent folder called Picasa in your Pictures folder. So you don't need to paste and save to have your screen captures.


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