It is time that changes and not man

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The capacity to change is beyond man
That a monkey learns to walk like man
Never makes it any less a monkey 
No matter the brightness of the moon 
No one will ever dry his clothes in it
Even if the night be made brighter than day 
The period of sleep will hardly notice
Though man's dreams ceaselessly change
And his desires are no less change freaks
Yet his self and needs have not altered once
All that embodies a man remain the same
Ingenuity, social interaction and survival
It isn't man that changes but the time
The time dictates our dreams and desires
The time keeps revealing his creativity
The time emboldens his social needs
The time leaves unchanged his need for survival
It is time that changes and not man
If an early man be fetched and installed amongst us
Once he's accustomed to the time now here
He'll be no bit different from the rest of us


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