Upgrade to iOS5.0.1 without iTunes, only via your iOS device

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Now all you need to update your iPhone (iPod too) from iOS5 to iOS5.0.1 is just your iPhone (iPod). No longer do you require iTunes on a laptop, and one already synced with your iPhone.

Now you get a notification on your iPhone telling you that there is an update and as long as your data access can take you through, you are as good as done with the update.
But make sure you don't do the update at your peak period, when you can't afford to be unreachable. And don't be in a hurry to uninstall your iTunes, you might need to do a restore if something goes wrong (even your cloud backup won't be able to do the restore). Not forgetting that if you have over 10GB of data and can't afford to wait out a cloud backup (or maybe due to data caps), your iTunes will be extremely useful to make the recommended backup before you update/upgrade to the new iOS5.0.1.

Finally, if you are using a WiFi iPad or iPod Touch, don't bother babysitting your device through the update. Just ignore the update till a more useful version comes out, the iOS5.0.1 is majorly a fix for the battery drain issue for the iPhone.


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