How Audible changed my life

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I know a lot of you guys will ask, "What the heck is Audible?!"

Before I got to meet Audible, I thought my life was just a luck away from great. I thought I knew enough to live a great life and believed that if I keep heading the path I'm on, it is just a matter of time.
But after my encounter with Audible, my live changed dramatically (and forever too). I began to realize that I was living more in a self delusion and my focused life built on social isolation spells more of an ill than good. I came in contact with the right principles for my life, and now live a more organized life.

Now to the question, "What the heck is Audible?!"

Audible is, the world's largest online store for audio books. Now what is so special about the largest online audio book store, with the audio version of over 100,000 books across all possible book genres and nearly all bestsellers?
Well, I guess it's more of how it specially impacted my life!

Ever since I signed up at as a Gold member courtesy of a referral from amazing (noncoincidental owner of my French has improved, my 7hours/weekday in traffic is now extremely enjoyable, I have started building my own business network, I have started working hard on everything that matters to me, I now run my brokerage account, I now have a life plan, I've stopped hoping for luck and started working at creating my own luck! When I wake up in the morning (after my prayers and bible reading) I listen to Audible, when I'm on the road I listen to Audible, when I'm alone I listen to Audible, when I'm about to sleep I listen to Audible and even in my dreams Audible is always there.

Updated on 29 May 2013: And the books that have really impacted my life are (in descending order of impact):

  •  How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. The truth is, next to the Bible, this book has most revolutionized my life! I don't want to summarize the book, for fear of doing it terribly. But one thing I'll implore you to do, is to read this book. You future self will thank you for this decision.
  • Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin.This book has changed my view of the corporate world forever. It opened my eyes to how the top layer of the corporate world works. I now see myself as being able to fit there someday. And as an icing, it broadened my knowledge of the 2008 global financial crisis. In fact, I bought the book due to a recommendation by Ivo Welch in his Corporate Finance, 2ed. And I'm so glad I did.
  • Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty by Harvey Mackay. This book has helped to stop a terminal habit of keeping to myself, of trying hard to make people get accustomed to my 1-1,1-3,1-12,1-~ (call you once in a month, then once in three months, once in 12 months and finally once forever). In fact, I recently joined Toastmasters because of this book. And Harvey's question of how many friends will be happy to get a 911 call from you at 2:00am, got me thinking hard. And I concluded that if I grow real old, I'll prefer to spend time with the friends of my youths (and even take my grandchildren along) than bore my grand-kids with stories of my youth.
  • Rule #1 by Phil Town. I had bought shares before and watch it lose over 90% of its value. But after reading this book, I stopped pumping money into my mutual fund and started running my own brokerage account. Now don't spew your opinion till you've read this book.
  • Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie. After the first twenty minutes of listening to this book, I had to pause it till the next day. My head felt like it was going to explode. If you want a more recent biography of an idea, what it can make come to life, then go for this book!
  • The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. This book got me thinking, if Americans work this hard to achieve success, maybe Nigeria ain't that bad. If I can work half as hard as Jack to pursue my goal, I'll get way more than I initially planned. But more importantly, the book helped me realize that the best helping hand in my road to success is the one at the end of my arm.
  • Personal Finance by Deaver Brown. I can't overemphasize the timely career advice the book gave me. Deaver made me realize that I should be willing to make all the mistakes I can make now, 'cos when I'm 60 I will regret more of what I didn't do than what I actually did.
Now I hope you understand, that Audible did truly change my life.


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