How I got a full-time job and a part-time job via LinkedIn

Since I hardly talk much about happenings in my life except in my poems, you probably won't know I have changed jobs like three times this year. The first one was the one I carried over from last year as a secondary school teacher till the end of my National Service in February this year. Then, I took up a graduate trainee (Radio Access Engineer) 6 months contract job with Nokia Siemens Networks. After the expiration of the six months, I + the other trainees were told to go cool off till the company start getting more projects. And I am on my third job for the year, with Comviva Technologies Limited and now also does a part time job, special thanks to LinkedIn!
In case you don't know what LinkedIn is, it is the specialized Facebook for the business community. Just as you spend time on Facebook hunting old college mates and future friends, business-minded folks too spend time on LinkedIn hunting old colleagues and future jobs.

So, how did I get a job via LinkedIn within just one month of leaving my former job? And also got a part-time job within another month of landing a full-time job?

Just read on...

As soon as I got the bitter news that Nokia Siemens Networks would retain not me and my other colleagues beyond the end of our initial 6 months contract, I asked my old colleagues and bosses to make LinkedIn recommendations for me. I burrowed into the groups and job section of LinkedIn and I sent my CV to people who work where I would like to work and also people who were recruiting for other companies.

Within a month, I had sent out close to 100 copies of my CV (not to LinkedIn guys alone) and at the start of October I got a call. Yeah, a call from a recruitment consultant whom I sent my CV after seeing her call for applications on Lagos Business Club on LinkedIn, asking if I am interested in a particular job role for Comviva Technologies. I said yes, and went through a series of phone interviews for the next two weeks. And as you can figure out now, I got the job. Though, I got some other great feedback from my LinkedIn probe, but this was the one that got me a job near instantly.

I have since resumed at my new job since October, and just yesterday I got an offer of a work from home part-time job via LinkedIn too. One of my LinkedIn connections seem impressed with my profile and offered me a supervisory role in an online startup he's been working on.

And to cap it all, I have been getting special invites to events via LinkedIn.

And for the records, it's barely two years after my graduation and I am now on my fourth job.


  1. I hope more people will realise that there is immense benefit in using LinkedIn.
    We are connected on LinkedIn and I can see that you've created a new blog too. I can't wait to read your post, I still remember the one I read on your other blog.
    Thanks for your commendation.

  2. this is really great, your posts, your blogs, everything, great work.

  3. Thanks a lot, TiOluwa. Your blog is great too and spirit lifting. You are a Christian worth emulating.


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