All the Amazing things I have done with Microsoft Excel



Today is Monday, and to help put you in the work mode I'll be sharing with you all the amazing stuffs I have done using Microsoft Excel.

So here we go -
  1. Helped a US stock analyst edit his Excel based stock analysis tool. More like I added an extra functionality to it. The cool thing about this work was that when I tested it, it was pulling stock data from Yahoo Finance and for once I felt like an accomplished stock analyst.
  2. I did a Data Visualization chart for a US client. I made it very dynamic and colorful. He was so impressed he got my contact details and promised to send more jobs my way. It's one of my best visualization jobs. Visualization is using charts and graphics to show data trends and insights.
  3. This is one of the jobs I won't forget. The client kept adding to the requirements. It was for some UK guy who works in an HR firm. He sent me a database of candidates, they were over 2 million entries, and he wanted me to sift out candidates who have some particular keywords in their profile. He added to the keywords twice and I ended up doing like 3 jobs for the price of one. He paid me extra but it wasn't worth the trouble I went through. The good thing was I got it done to his satisfaction. 
  4. This is my toughest so far. In the company I work, we once had an issue with our billing software. Customers were requesting for their bills. It was way past month end. Then my boss came up with this great idea, he said, "Michael, you can do this. Just write a macro that will do exactly what the software was doing. Here's the output for last month, you can get the input data from our system." For 1 week I was writing VBA codes non-stop. When I was finally done, the macro was a system resource hog. It takes about 30 minutes to run in Microsoft Excel 2007 and about 2 minutes in Microsoft Excel 2010. It was that day I knew there is a huge difference between Office 2007 and Office 2010.
  5. This was my first tough one. I had just resumed work at my current company. My boss wanted me to automate several analysis reports. I was given a system dump that is cryptic and has hundreds of thousands of rows of relevant data. I had to generate a KPI tracker with tables and charts from this text file. Notepad couldn't open the raw file, it was too large. I spent over 2 weeks trying to understand the raw file. When I was done with the macro, I felt like taking a week off.
  6. Ever since my guest post on BellaNaija, I have been sending custom made Family Budget worksheet to people.
  7. I made a very intelligent year planner for a professional club. It was too good to describe. I smile every time I look at it.
  8. This one is funny. A client wanted a macro to randomly generates unique full names from a set of First Name and Last Name. I did a buggy sample and sent to him. He didn't get back to me.
  9. I once made a macro for a client, it fills empty data rows with the content of the next non-empty row. It worked perfectly with few line of codes.
  10. I once made a macro for a client to help with pension tracking.
These are the most outstanding of the stuffs I have done in Excel. There are some other ones, but the details are so confidential I might end my career my by posting them.


  1. U are realy a stastician guru. I REALY LOVE UR BODNESS IN PRESENTING UR ACCOMPLISHMENT. More grace to u, I hope to Accomplish more as u did.


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