What Has Been Going On In My Life The Past One Week

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First, I joined Institute of Directors and attended the compulsory training for all intending members. In the training class, I had as colleagues MD/CEO of big companies -- Nigerians, Indians, Swedish, British and other nationals. It was a very enriching experience for me, apart from the deep learning I got on how company directors are to carry out their duties. And as excepted, I was the worst dressed. My car was with the mechanic because LASTMA refused me Road Worthiness (the new way to renew the road worthiness certificate is to go for their computerised test which will almost always find something wrong). So I took public transport the first day, then remembered there is Uber. So I took Uber from the venue home the first day, and for the entire second day.

Now you have to take your car here for inspection

That's my car. Was told the brake lights are faulty, one tiny rod under the car is missing and hand-brake needs adjusting as the major faults that caused the road worthiness denial

Here is the verdict room. Excellent people, they called me back that I forgot my phone.

Iod Class. That's me on the ___ (take a guess)

I also continued my back and forth to Republique du Benin. In fact, I am currently there. And I have become a small celebrity. The people at the company I am volunteering for think I know everything. They ask me all types of questions and they always feel amazed by everything I show them. This week I showed them how to extract data from a damaged hard disk using Linux live boot and Linux commands. I also showed them how to connect two computers together using a RJ45 cable, configure the IP address and share files/folders/printers between the computers. They were singing my praises. They are more experienced on hardware and computer repair than networking and programming. So I am more like their God-send. Then today, I decided to gain from them. I asked that they help me clean off the dust I am very sure has greatly settled inside my laptop. And with small fear I watched as they dismantled my laptop. I am glad I asked for the favour because it was no small dust they found inside. Even the fan was full of dust. They gave me special treatment, cleaned every part of my laptop and used a special foam sprayer to clean the exterior making it look new.

Now the laptop looks new and is not always hot like before. I guess the dust was blocking the fan. Happy me.

We had a training class in Asaba last week and my laptop crashed on the night of the day one. It was a terrible thing. I was to continue the class the next day. Luckily, I had a colleague with me and we ended up using one of the participants' laptop. Unfortunately, the problem was a hardware one and not a simple software repair/reinstallation. I had to buy another hard disk. So I bought a 1 Terabyte SSD hard disk for N75,000. 

And that's all that's been going on in my life the last couple of days. Also, I intend to be more strategic with my blog posts since I am no longer following the one post per day rule. I will be making a lot more educational posts.

A bientot!

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  1. I am looking forward to hear more about your detailed experience at IOD.


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