The Attitude That Turns You To A Pro

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Like everyone else I am not good at everything. I have things I am extremely good at (Excel, daily writing and tech stuff) and there are also a lot of things I suck at. But the biggest difference between what I'm good at and what I suck at is my attitude. It's my newest discovery. The things I don't put limits on are things I became good at and all the things I suck at I have established boundaries for.

When I decided to start writing daily, I put in place no boundary or standard. I set myself free and wasn't even bothered about failing or the worse that could happen (which is having my blog turn into a junkyard that none will want to go through). I simply gave it (and still give it) my best and don't even edit my articles. No limits to what I can write about nor how I write about what I write about nor what impression I create in the minds of my readers. No boundaries. And it's the same way I go about my tech issues. While some people will give up when for 2 weeks they've been unable to solve a particular tech/gadget issue they have, I don't give up. Even if it takes me a year to find the solution to my tech issue you can be sure I'll give it the 365 days required. My default mindset with technology is that whatever I want can be done I just have to patiently figure out how. I set no boundaries. No limits to my search for answers.

My best example is how I became extremely good at Excel. I consider it the best example I have because I used to hate Excel. I used to see it as the annoying part of Microsoft Office. It used to be the software I don't open or care if it exists on my PC. And when I got my business data analysis job role it gave me lots of headaches and I felt like I have gotten a wrong job, a job I was not suited for. But my boss and the clients I was reporting to didn't care what I felt or what I could do; they kept asking for impossible Excel reports and I was forced to learn how to make those impossible reports. After 6 grueling months I became good at Excel. The whole story suddenly changed. I no longer waited for my boss to ask for an impossible report, I went online to freelance sites and attempted the impossible tasks people were asking to be done via Excel. I started using Excel for stuffs I never thought possible or reasonable. And the result: I became extremely good at Excel. All because my boss thought of no limits while asking for reports from me and I attempted all the impossible and unreasonable Excel projects I came across. I destroyed all the boundaries I used to have. I became like the child who was given a hammer and saw every other thing as a nail: I think first in Excel even before thinking in English.

The attitude of attempting all you can, whether feasible or not, is the one guaranteed thing that will turn you into a pro at anything. When you keep stretching yourself and constantly attempting the seemingly impossible and unreasonable you will inevitable become a guru at anything you desire to be a pro at.


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