Success Is A Sum-All Game

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Nassim Taleb's hedge fund has to be right just once in a decade to be successful. 

To be successful you don't have to be right always. Success is a sum-all game. Just make sure that when you are right you hit it big. Success is more about trying and trying again and consistently, even after you've hit it big. When you have this understanding of success you won't feel pressured anymore.

Everyday I get advice from people telling me to do this or that in order to make the most of the opportunities in my way. At first I used to get into a frenzy trying to do the things they've suggested. Everyone knows the very thing I need to do to go big and generously tells me. Which is a good thing. The trouble is that they give it an overwhelming sense of urgency. They, like me, see what I can earn but want me to start earning that money now. They don't want me to fail at all. They want me to reach my potential overnight.

Now I apply this knowledge in my business. I see my business as a marathon. Speed isn't the priority. It's being in it for the long haul that matters most. I don't have to succeed at everything or step I take. I just have to make the most of every step I succeed at and move on. I don't have to go at anyone's speed or earn the maximum possible from every job. This is a job I enjoy doing and often gladly do for free. Success is more of keeping in the game and piling up occasional big successes. 

I'm not in a hurry to reach the finish line; to reach my potential overnight. If I do everything today what would I do tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? If I get everything right then why would I need to stretch myself and seek improvement? If I take all the advice I get and with the urgency they were given I will end up sprinting on a marathon track. I will go far too soon and tire out too soon too. 

Fortunately, I figured the danger in those advice early. I now run my business at my own pace. I have a lifelong journey ahead of me. There's no need to rush. There's no need to get everything right at once. As long as I keep going on, trying this and that, taking occasional rests and making the most of every hit, success won't be a problem. 


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