Develop a Reading Habit

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One of the best habit to have is a reading habit. While other good habits like honesty, kindness and diligence make it easier for us to be helped, reading is the habit that helps us without any external support. Being honest and diligent can make you your boss' favorite and make him recommend you for promotion; which is good. But being a lifelong consumer of books that improve your work skills and guide you along the path of personal development will make you so valuable you won't need the favor of your boss or anyone to move ahead in life; which is super good.

Reading not only grows your mind and help you have sound thoughts, it also helps you to rise above the troubles of life. Reading the bible regularly makes you a better christian. Reading books on parenting makes you a better parent. Reading professional books make you a better professional. Reading the biographies of great men opens your mind to the possibility of you too achieving greatness. Reading all types of books daily makes life more colorful, shows you that there is no experience that is unique to you and gives you the mind of a calm wise man. 

Reading is the best exercise you can engage in. It helps your brain keep developing, it grows your mind and fills you with the knowledge you need to live a wholesome life. Being well read is not only a great compliment but also an enviable accomplishment. It makes your friends and family proud of you and willing to discuss important matters with you. It gives you an international mind. It helps you stay on top of technological advancements and use them to your benefits. It makes you a better conversationist. It makes you a better negotiator. It makes you excellent at whatever you are skilled at. It gives you a lasting credibility. It makes people trust you. It opens your mind to the opportunities hiding in the open. 

We live in a society that has gotten so many things wrong and we can't rise above the wrong around us if we feed on just the information that same society provides us. We need to read good books that will show us the better way of doing things, thinking and living. We need to develop a reading habit. It's the only way we can rise above the third world mentality.


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