As A Nigerian You Have To Work Harder

When you've got to provide most of what the government should have provided, earn much less for doing the same job as the expatriate in your company and have to pay top Naira for any property you wish to acquire because there are numerous politicians and their beneficiaries who have bidden the price up by their reckless spending.

Life is much harder for the hardworking youth in Nigeria than most other countries. The default perception foreigners have of you is as some incompetent fraudulent person. You can't easily compete on the global level. Then our politicians have ruined a lot for us. They keep wasting our national resources and tax, not providing the needed push/infrastructure every great country is built on. Whatever is not bad about is now the exception. A Nigerian that returns a lost wallet is an exception. A town with good roads or stable electricity or good schools is now the exception. In fact, a trustworthy Nigerian is fast becoming an exception.

To build a comfortable life out of your sweat and upon honesty, you will have to endure a lot and work extremely hard. You will have to repeatedly prove that you are different before anyone will see you as different. You will have to endure being cheated and discriminated, and keep working extremely hard before you can honestly become 'someone'. Whatever you are good at, you will have to put in numerous years of on the job experience before anyone will pay you what's worthwhile. You will have to build an unusual track record just to earn the usual income other nationalities earn. No one, except those trying to get a favour from you, take your word for it. They will want you to prove to them that you are positively different. 

As a Nigerian you have to work harder to get the same benefits/income as someone doing the same (or less) job. You'll have to start from proving people wrong first as they (by default) will be expecting you to disappoint before you'll now get the support/benefits you should have gotten initially. And it's not just when dealing with foreigners but also when dealing with fellow Nigerians (they could even be worse). It's more like everything is against the struggling youth: the government, the system and people's expectations.


  1. Very true...unfortunately. But things will change very soon, i believe,

  2. Hello Siji,

    That's a big belief you've got. Going by the trend of things, it can/will change but I don't think soon.

    Thanks for the message of hope.


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