Yes I administer CRM, vtiger CRM


I use vtiger CRM officially. And it's very versatile. And I think it's got more generic features than Microsoft's Dynamics.

In this post I'll explain to you what vtiger CRM can do. You can check this vtiger CRM YouTube channel for more. And for all the help you'll need in installing, administering and milking the best out of vtiger CRM, visit the vtiger wiki page

I originally typed this in MS Office.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
CRM is a software-based solution for managing a company’s interaction (sales/projects, marketing, customer service and technical support) with its customers (current and prospective).


ü  Sales Force Automation:
vTiger CRM provides  Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Account & Contact Management, Reports & Dashboards specifically useful for the company’s sales/marketing team. And it has other sales force automation-related modules such as Activity Management (including Calendaring), Contact Management, Product Management, Document Attachment; which help to have a fully centralized database of all sales related events and documents.

Ø  Project Management:
vTiger CRM provides a very efficient means of managing and tracking a project from start to finish. It allows for linking of several modules like Contact, Organization, Inventory, Workflow  and relevant documents to manage new projects and get project history for a particular customer.

ü  Customer Support and Services:
vTiger CRM provides Ticket Management, Knowledge Base, E-mail Notifications specifically useful for the company’s customer support team.

ü  Inventory Management:
vTiger CRM provides Products, Price Books, Vendors, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Invoices specifically  useful  for integrating the company’s marketing team.

ü  Marketing Automation:
vTiger CRM provides Online Lead Forms, Mailing Lists, E-mail Templates, Mail Merge Templates and Mass E-mail to make marketing to new and prospective customers seamless and easily tracked.

ü  Productivity Tools:
vTiger CRM provides tools like Outlook integration, Office plug-in, Customer Portal and RSS feeds to enhance the use of the CRM via third party softwares.

ü  Reports and Dashboards:
vTiger CRM enables Key Metrics to be monitored via 20 customizable built-in reports, dashboards for Sales Force Automation and Report Folders.


ü  vTiger CRM provides a central database of all customers’ data – right from when the customer was just a prospect till after sales support, and of all the events and documents per each customer.

ü  vTiger provides a very powerful means of managing projects and documenting all activities related to each customer.

ü  vTiger CRM provides a very efficient means of Inventory Management

ü  vTiger CRM is intiutively built to be easily used by all the company’s staff, especially the Sales department

ü  The dashboard and reports help reveal useful business intelligence

ü  vTiger CRM helps the company effectively manage its customers and be more proactive in its customer support


  1. Hello Michael,
    Are you using Vtiger CRM for yourself or for your clients? I am a Vtiger CRM admin, I am installing and customizing the software for my clients. It's a great tool to track customers relationships, and it's free for the companies that use it.

    The vtiger CRM YouTube channel is great for beginners!

    See you, Michael

  2. Hi Michel,

    I was using it for the last company I worked for full-time. I inherited it when I joined the company and ended up having to customize it and integrate it with current operations of the company. But I have never done a from scratch installation.

    I find it very flexible and robust. Easy to use too.

    Thanks for your comment!


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