How Coursera changed my life

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Next to God & Audible (How Audible changed my life), Coursera has the most impact on my life!

I now have a good understanding of Finance (Personal Finance and Corporate Finance) - Basic economic principles, Finance principles, how to read financial reports and Pro Formas, how to analyse a business' profitability, and general accounting principles. Thanks to Professor Gautam Kaul of University of Michigan. And this wonderful book he recommended, Corporate Finance by Ivo Welch (free online). God bless both Gautam Kaul and Ivo Welch! 

I now have a working knowledge of the key fundamentally structural issues beneath economic decisions of governments and economic debates, thanks to Professor Nilss Olekalns of University of Melbourne. His Macroecomonics course on Coursera is my favourite course and Professor Nilss is a natural teacher, I'll enroll for any course he's teaching.
Also, I'm now aware of the irrational nature of every human, and how to use it to my benefit (especially, my own irrational behaviours), thanks to Professor Dan Ariely of Duke University.
And I'm currently getting a cool understanding of Psychology, the amazing nature of the brain, thanks to Professor Steve Joordens of University of Toronto.

I got to learn about Coursera from Appy Geek, a wonderful tech news app, in December 2012. I was scrolling through the news articles on my Appy Geek Android app widget and came across a news about Coursera starting Signature tracks. I went on to read the article and learned that Coursera is an educational organization that partners with the top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take freely. I jumped on board and started my own Coursera journey. In fact, my 2013 resolutions included learning all that interests me via Coursera (you'll be amazed by the huge collection of online courses there)

Below are the snapshots of the courses I enrolled for (completed some already) on Coursera.

And I immensely enjoyed Principles of Macroeconomics, A beginner's Guide to Irrational Behaviour, Introduction to Finance and Introduction to Psychology.


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