Twitter helps prevent your account from being hacked, with a new login verification system

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Now you can add an extra layer of security to your twitter account login process, to prevent anyone from hacking your account. 
Once you enable this added security, anytime you are logging in from a new device (computer, phone, tablet, or browser), you will be prompted to provide a verification code that will be sent to your phone. This way its (nearly) impossible for your twitter account to be hacked.

So below is a detailed how-to -

Log in to your twitter account, and go to Settings

Scroll down to Account Security 

You'll need to add your phone, so click on add a phone

Then you'll fill your country/region, phone number and network carrier

You'll see a screen asking you to send GO to 40404 from the phone you entered. Do that and voila, your phone will be linked to you account.

Just one more step. By default, twitter sets it that you'll be getting sms alerts for nearly everything that happens on your twitter account besides the tweets you post. And that is crazy annoying. I'll recommend you deselect them all.

Now, it's done.

Try logging in from a new browser, your Internet Explorer might be useful now. You should get a login verification notice.

You can read twitter's official news about this on Getting started with login verification

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