Online banking on your android phone - GTB, UBA, FirstBank, Diamond Bank, Zenith Bank...

"Huh? Really?"
Yeah! You can do your online banking on your android phone. In fact, I have been making fund transfer to third parties on my android phone for years now. And not just that, I have been checking my investment accounts (which requires adobe flash player on a computer), paying my DSTV subscription, making Skype calls and downloading YouTube videos on my android phone.
Believe me, there is nothing you can do on your Internet Explorer (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera) browser that you can't do with just your android phone, and even much more. I can easily change my IP address to show that I'm in USA or UK, so I can buy things online more easily or watch Netflix and Google Movies. I can also change my Network provider to TMobile USA so that I can install exclusive applications that are not available in my country, like Amazon Kindle and online video rental apps.
There is no end to what you can do on your phone, internet-wise.

In this post I will show you screenshots, lots of them to convince you.
As an example, I'll show you how to access your online banking facility for GTB as if you are working from a personal computer. Just go to your bank's website (in this case, and click on Login.

Voila! Just transferred myself money!

Also, below are the screenshots of the exclusive apps I use. If you think I'm stretching the truth, try downloading them from the app store and see if you'll find 'em.

If you'll like to know the geeky stuff behind getting these apps, drop me a note in the comment box.


  1. Truly fantastic! Awesome android tools, even useful for online banking processes and definitely it is good to use.

  2. Great!
    As long as you have Chrome, Firefox or Opera Mobile installed on your Android; you're good to go.
    For the installation of apps exclusive to US e.g. Netflix, checkout the last of this post
    The part on Market Enabler, it makes it possible for you to download apps not available to Nigerians.


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