How to upload a video on YouTube

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YouTube is a global video library, a free and easily accessible one too.
You'll find videos on anything on YouTube. So, maybe it's time you join the league of content providers on YouTube and upload that video you've been so proud of, whatever it may be.

Here are the simple steps to making your first YouTube video upload -
1. Go to 

Click on Sign In at the upper right corner

2.On the Sign In page that opens, click on Create An Account at the upper right corner

3. Fill the Account creation form

4. Your default page will look like the one below. Click on Upload at the upper right side of the page. Make sure you click on the Upload button and not the dropdown arrow beside it.

5. Click on Select Files to Upload. Also you might want to enable your YouTube account to upload videos of more than 15mins. You can do this on this page, the notification is below the Select Files to Upload window. It's not in the snapshot below because I have already done that for mine.

6. Select the file(s) you want to upload. And fill in the Title, Description and Tags (keywords that will help Google know what your video is about). Tick Google+, Facebook and Twitter to share your video automatically when uploading completes.

Voila! You have just uploaded your first YouTube video!

 As a plus, you might want to enable YouTube to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter and Google's Orkut your video link. Just click on the dropdown arrow beside Upload (the Upload button you clicked on earlier) and select Video Manager.

Click on Settings at the upper right corner. And click on Sharing on the Account Settings panel at the upper left corner.

Connect your Orkut, Facebook and Twitter.
Voila! Now your friends will be notified when you upload a video on YouTube.
Thanks for reading this post, if you need extra help, just drop me a note via the comment box.


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