MVP #2: Excel Basics - Understanding how Excel handles text and numbers. Sorting, filtering, adding borders, joining texts, paste values and a couple of keyboard shortcuts

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Hey! Here is the second post in my MVP series. And fortunately for you, it is a very handy, easy to watch or download video tutorial, so you will be able to follow through without any headache (unlike text tutorials).

In this video I show you how to -

1. How to enter data in Microsoft Excel, especially telephone numbers beginning with the digit zero (0)

2. How to auto adjust the cell widths to show the entire cell content
3. How to add border to a table
4. How to sort a table using more than one field entry
5. How to filter a table to show only certain entries
6. How to remove a filter
7. How to copy and paste values via keyboard shortcut
8. How to join two cell entries as one in another cell.

Don't forget to checkout MVP #3!


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