Sleep, Eat: What about GOD?

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Except in unusual cases
No day passes
And leaves for that day a space
On your nutritional diary's face

Except on unenviable days
You never will live some days
Devoid of a good night rest
Even if you throughout the day rest

Days that will keep your food unmoved
To God you pray to be removed
If for days you find it hard to sleep
Then you aren't far from the day of eternal sleep

In your bid to keep fit
You invest a lot to get a bed that is fit
From your desire to stay healthy
You never deny yourself of foods that are healthy

You believe for your day to be right
You need to sleep right
And for your concentration undivided
You food must be undivided

You know that a day of sleep
Benefits you more than hundreds without sleep
And that a man that is hungry
Is as good as a man that is angry

If sleep and food can be this beneficial
That you need them for your day to be right
Sleeping and eating are hardly providential
And inability to do them is a plight

How much more including God in your day
If sleep and food can make profitable your day
And the lack of them can make your day miserable
Will including God actively in your day make it less profitable?

You need God more than you can ever imagine
Only tell Him to come dwell richly in you
And cleanse you from all sins that you can imagine
And help you to serve Him with all in you


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