In the book of greatness

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There is an innate desire God has put into everyone of us, the desire to be the BEST. If you doubt it, then consider this: Why do you feel sad whenever you end up in a second position in any competition?

I remember when I was very young, probably five years old, I wanted to be the best in everything including dangerous games like jumping from a tall platform. And when I watched cartoons, I see myself as more powerful than Hercules, braver than Aladdin and more adventurous than Gulliver. But as I grew a little older, I realized that I could not be the best in everything. So, I do not mind having the poorest performance in outdoor games, but I feel very bad if I do not emerge as a winner in any board game. Clearly put, I love to be the best in the things I am good at. And as I grew much older, I realized that I did not need to compete with other people before I could satisfy my desire to be the best.
The second strongest emotion in anyone is this innate desire to be the best, second only to sexual emotion. When it possesses you, you will tend to see others as a threat to your success. Consider politicians, they think that they are very popular, highly regarded and more qualified for a political position than any of their fellow contestants. They let their second strongest emotion get the best of them, so when they lose in an election they find it hard to accept their loss because it makes them feel inferior to the winner. They regard election as a means of sealing their confidence in themselves. Indeed, to me, they are psychologically miserable (their fulfillment depends on their acceptance by others).

Dear friend, what about you?
Do you rely on the outcome of a competition to satisfy your invincible desire to be the best? Competitions are meant to reward excellence and not to give fulfillment. All that you need to be the best and be fulfilled is to make a magnificent appearance in the book of greatness with the special aid of your unique skills. The way to make such an appearance is by seeing other people as your pathway to greatness. Every person is a line in the book of greatness, if you do him harm he will not give you space in his life (line). For every good you do him, he will put a dot for you in his life (line). If you invest in his life and help him find joy, there will be big dots for you in his life and the lives of his children till the third generation. And guess what? Your dots have a unique colour, so when they are present in many lines of a page (which is a generation) they form a beautiful pattern on that page in the book of greatness.

Never forget that seeking fulfillment from competitions will only make you psychologically miserable. Involving your second strongest emotion in any competition makes the competition unhealthy since it will run down the runners up. Rather than relying on the competitions to make you the best, give your best in all you do and you will become the best, simply because, you can not sow your best and reap less. Remain blessed as you remember your creator in the days of your youth.


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