The deep calls to the deep

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There is one truth I have come to discover
The effect of which I will never recover
No matter how badly written a love letter
It will always convene the intent of the writer
No matter how badly I stammer
You will always get what I mutter
This truth is love's greatest attribute
It comes from a sincere heart with a clean repute
To create the unimaginable in the heart of the recipient
In a way unfathomable and greatly magnificient
This truth is the greatest secret of communication
Without which it will cease to be but deception
The frank sincerity that pierces through all pretence
And forms in every relationship the essence
The only thing that makes reasonable to us
The foolishness of God's love towards us
This truth is what makes people to me-ward
Foolishly stake their lives and all on God's word
Even when it seems like a paper chair
And sitting on it leaves you with no cheer
But with eyes clouded with tears and a heart deeply touched
We cast our all, be it little or much
On one whose love has got us deeply transformed
And to His likeness have we been conformed
Through the workings of this truth that is so deep


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