The Greatest is Love

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Of all the forces in the world
Forces that are as rigid as a wall
Even forces that are as dynamic as water
Or forces that smear as butter
Of forces that are as defined as gravity
Forces that has a speck of divinity
Or forces that seem to be in between
Of forces vile and always in a spleen
Even forces with faces covered with hood
Or forces that delight much in good
None is as great as Love

Of all the fiery emotions in a man
Emotions that make of one a villian
Even emotions that are placid as sleep
Or emotions that that make of one a schmaltzy sheep
Of emotions that enrage as jealousy
Emotions that freeze as envy
Or emotions as diaphenous as web of a spider
Of emotions that are as instinctual as hunger
Even emotions that are as artificial as anorexia
Or emotions that are as hybrid as insomnia
None is as forceful as Love

Of all the persons in existence
Persons that are...
None is comparable with Love
And God Almighty is Love

(Can you help me fill in the gap?)


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