All the online shopping/payment sites I have used my GTB Mastercard


I have been using GTB Mastercard to make online payments (Nigeria, US, UK...) since 2009. I used it first on Amazon, at first they wouldn't accept and requested I fax them some verification documents. I contacted GTB and they faxed those docs to them on my behalf and that was all. Since then I have made several buys on Amazon.

I won't bore you with extra stories.
Let the slides begin!


Books On Board (Out of biz now)

Stonebridge Associated Colleges, UK
Stonebridge Associated Colleges


LinkedIn Ads (I put up some ads on LinkedIn and paid with my GTB Naira Mastercard)
LinkedIn Ads

Facebook Ads (I put up some ads on Facebook and paid with my GTB Naira Mastercard)
Facebook Ads

Google Ads (I put up some ads on Google and paid with my GTB Naira Mastercard)
Google Ads


Arik Air
Arik Air

Can't remember the other online services I paid for using my GTB Mastercard.


  1. Sir, do you think i will get my item handy in Nigeria. I'm scared shopping online

  2. Hi Joel,

    I understand your concern. Truth is, up until I got my first online ordered item shipped to my house address I thought it might not get delivered.

    Now, I have lost count of the items I have bought (and received in Nigeria) online. Trust me, online is shopping is just as safe as over the counter shopping, and more convenient.

  3. Can you please give me the site you made your orders from?

  4. what is the name of the site you made your order from?

  5. Pls how were u able to use ur Gtb master card cos I tried using it in but don't get what dey were saying

    1. Hi Patience, I have used my GTB ATM card on many times and worked.

      Are you trying to order something above $100? Currently, due to the FX situation of the country, GTB only allows you spend $100 per month on the ATM. Otherwise, you have to use the GTB Dollar Card linked to a Domiciliary account.


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