My Illustrated Guide To Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Nigerian and US Stocks With Free To Use Templates

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Before I bury you in the slides, here are the templates and resources I referred to in the slides. Enjoy!
  1. for US stocks fundamental analysis data
  2. to screen US stocks by fundamentals
  3. for historical and macro analysis for Nigeria
  4. for Excel stocks analysis app for Nigeria
  5. for US stocks portfolio analysis and portfolio setup
  6. for Fundamental Analysis checklist
  7. for Nigeria stocks and macro news/analysis
  8. for Nigeria economic analysis
  9. for US stocks analysts' publications
  10. for US stocks fundamental analysis
  11. for stock screening based on both fundamentals and technical signals
  12. for charting
  13. for US stocks signals and screener
  14. for Nigerian stocks charts
  15. for US stocks portfolio setup & analysis
  16. to download annual reports of companies in Nigeria
  17. to download annual reports of companies in the US


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