Join Me As I Speak Small Portuguese On A Brazilian Excel Guest Show Today

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Today at 7:00pm Nigerian time I will be a guest on the Brasilian Cristiano Galvao's Excel Turbo show.

I have been doing some Portuguese lessons and intend to speak a few sentences I have learned. Come and watch me say Oi and Tchau (at the minimum).

Joining link is

I will also be sharing some personal stories that you probably don't know some of even if you have been reading my blog for 5 years now. I hope so, 'cos these days I find that difficult to achieve. Seems I have been oversharing on this blog before. 😁

I will also be sharing some uncommon Excel feature. Something I assure you that you've not tried before. So you don't want to miss all these.

See you this evening at

Te vejo em breve!


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