MS Word #1: Formula to Generate Random Texts and Paragraphs in Word

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Occasionally, we are contracted to train on the general Microsoft Office. And I see people amazed by how much they don't know exist in Microsoft Word and how very exaggerated is their assessment of their competence in Microsoft Word.

Over the next couple of weeks, once a week, I will share with you some of the amazing things I have shown people in Microsoft Word.

For today, which marks the start of this series, I will be showing you a secret Microsoft Word formula that you can use to generate random texts in Microsoft Word. It can be very useful in creating templates and the skeleton of an important document.

You can watch my 2 minutes straight to the point video on it: 

The formulas are:
This generates 5 paragraphs.

This generates 5 paragraphs too

And for both, you can specify the number of paragraphs and sentences in each. Just use the following format =rand(3,5) or =lorem(3,5)

The first number is to set the number of paragraphs and the second number is to specify the number of sentences in each paragraph.

I gave an extra one in the YouTube video, so you might want to watch it for that extra one ( Enjoy!


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