Power BI Took Me To Ghana And South Africa; My Power BI Book Is Selling Well On Amazon.

Old habits die hard. One of my 2018 new year resolutions is to reduce talking about myself online. I have talked too much about every tiny bit of my life the past four years that I want to try not talking anymore and put more effort into doing. That is why you have stopped receiving daily blog posts from me. 

Then again, old habits die hard.

Since the last time I talked about myself -- getting into IoD (Institute of Directors), trouble with VIO (my car finally passed on 3rd retry) and French adventures -- a lot has happened in my life.

1. I lost my phone (pickpocket guy) and bought the most amazing phone I have ever had. An LG G4 with camera module. It's camera is WOW. Got it at a crazy deep discount (approx. 60% discount) at SLOT.

See a picture I took with it

Where I stayed In South Africa
2. Executed Power BI consulting project in Ghana and South Africa (same client). Not sure I have cool pictures from the Ghana one. The host company folks were very nice and took me to very nice places in Ghana and South Africa. I went to the tallest building in Ghana where one of the company staff lives, Villagio and the bar on the roof (Skybar). Ate at amazing Chinese restaurant (Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant).
Tried out the local Ghanaian dishes

The view from on top Skybar (the cars and all look like Christmas light)
In South Africa, I went to the popular Mandela Square. Ate at Butcher's Shop, The Baron and Hard Rock cafe.

Took advantage of my IoD benefits to use SDS lounge at MMA (paid a ridiculously low amount due to deep discount for IoD members)

The Game of the Day (animal in the pics) I ate at Butcher's Shop
Nelson Mandela Square

Me, in jeans 😀

On the very street I stayed
3. We now Have Two Full-Time Staff. They are simply the best! And business is getting better and better. Thinking of adding a third full-time staff. I still have other non full-time team members. In fact, the two full-time staff used to be non full-time team members. Our business monthly overhead/expenses is now over N500,000. I am now learning to not just lead a team but build a proper company. Thanking everyone of you who has morally and technically supported me thus far.

4. My Power BI book is on fire on Amazon. Sales are like I have never experienced for all my prior books combined. Almost, everyday I am generating sales across the e-book and more expensive print version.

You can grab your copy at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078NF5XYP 

5. I got a new Microsoft Certification this month. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Did the qualifying exam last year but result just came out a few days ago. I am now on course (just one remaining exam away from MCSA BI Reporting certification).

Done with the 70-779 exam, 70-778 is left to earning the MCSA BI reporting certification


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