Buy US iTunes Cards In Nigeria, Pay In Naira And Instant Delivery!

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Now you can get iTunes Cards extremely easily and pay in Naira from The cards are valid for US iTunes account only.

And here is a personal story that led to this.

It all started in 2013 (or so) when I needed to buy a movie on iTunes and it was no small trouble. Many contents aren't available for the Nigerian iTunes account. The changing your country to US makes those contents available but then you have to pay with a US debit card (one with a US billing address). After hours and days of troubles, I ended up buying a US iTunes gift card and loading on my US iTunes account.

Soon, I started buying more gift cards. And then I noticed that there would be people like me needing such cards too. So I did a market entry test. And was amazed by how much demand there is for US iTunes cards, even had a few people contact me from outside the country (India, Pakistan etc). Seems the problem isn't just here in Naija.

So I have now built to solve that problem easily for all Nigerians.

I sell the cards at almost the same amount it costs to get them directly from Apple (actual face value). Added the Paystack transaction charge and accommodation for exchange rate fluctuation but it still comes at less than N400/$ to the buyer/customer. While others on Konga and other e-stores are selling as high as a rate of N600/$ and more.

$5 iTunes card sells for N1,999
$10 iTunes card sells for N3,999
$15 iTunes card sells for N5,999
$25 iTunes card sells for N10,999
$50 iTunes card sells for N19,999
$100 iTunes card sells for N39,999

It is the cheapest I have seen anyone sell iTunes Cards here in Nigeria. Below are screenshots of how much the same cards are sold for on Konga

Again, the store link is 

Guaranteed low prices and instant delivery always!


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