Will You Be Voting For Jonathan or Buhari?

Next month, we will be picking or admitting a new President. Picking, if our votes are not substantially rigged. Admitting, if the rigging is massive.

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And today, I want you to share with the rest of us who you will be voting for next month and why.

For me, I choose Buhari. Not really because of any of his agenda or that I believe he would make a great President, but because I don't want Jonathan there for another four boring years. The truth is that the impression I get every time I see the picture of Jonathan or listen to him talk is that of someone who is already very satisfied with having become a President and is not bothered whether he makes a good President or a bad one. More like someone who has already surpassed his wildest dream and whatever happens under his presidential watch are just extras. With him I see the past and not a future. I see another four years just like the last four years or worse. And he is my reason for choosing Buhari.

Buhari is not a great choice either. Just preferable to Jonathan. That you are not corrupt is not enough reason to be handed the presidency of a country like Nigeria. We need technocrats more than just clean politicians. And I don't even consider him clean; I see him as just less corrupt that most. We need a President who really understands how a country should be run, who understands the economics of governance, who will make the deep surgical changes we need. Someone who will trim the public service and make it effective. Someone who will pump more money into fixing our educational system and not just claim to create jobs. Someone who has a deep knowledge of economic policies. Someone who is going to steer us in the right direction and not trying to get at old or new enemies. We need a competent leader and not a clean leader (which I don'r even think we have).

And that is my own reason for picking Buhari, Now your turn, who will you pick and why?


  1. *sigh* I think neither of them is a great choice, which makes it kind of depressing - how a population of close to 170 million is finding it difficult to produce 'an recycled capable leader'. But, we are here. We need to deal with it.. That said, I don't see how I can vote for someone who has spent six years as the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic and is yet to come up with an anti-corruption plan, and still is bold enough to admit it. That is totally inexcusable. Sorry about this epistle :)

  2. Hi Ekaete, we both share the same frustration about the choices we have this year in picking a leader.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hello bro. Nice and correct choice -I am not surprised though- we think alike.
    I was going to comment on this article last week after I read it in my mail but I didn't eventually get to bring myself to coming over here (to the site).

    GEJ has never been a good choice for me since 2011. The only time I supported him was when Yaradua's loyalists didn't want him to be sworn in as president according to the constitution.

    I knew that he did not, and still does not have the leadership qualities it takes to lead a multi-religious and multi-ethnic country like Nigeria. And now with the BH terror issue, things just got complicated further for him.

    Anyway, please vote change sir. Thumbs up for the good work you are doing here.

  4. Hello Siji,

    You are right. We all need to vote for change, or against no change.

    Thanks for your comment!


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