I'll Be On Radio Next Week, Talking Big Data

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Last month I got an opportunity to be on TV for the first time and to talk about something I'm passionate about - volunteering. It was in celebration of the International Volunteers Day. I couldn't make it. And now another opportunity has presented itself. Next week Tuesday I will be on Radio, Nigerian Info 99.3, and will be talking on something I live on -- Data. And big data, specifically. I will be helping the everyday Nigerian and the small business owner understand how they can benefit from the ongoing data revolution.

It's going to be my first time on radio and I will be needing your helpful suggestions on how to be ready for it, from preparing for my talk content to making sure I don't have a terrible cold that makes me sneeze on that day. The program is a 30 mins ICT for business talk show.

Also if you have a tip on what aspects of big data the average Nigerian or small business owner will find very valuable, please do let me know. So I don't sound like someone talking rocket science on radio.

I know I still owe you the appreciation and report post on how the 1 hour 45 mins talk I was invited to give on Entrepreneurship last year went. It went excellently well and I owed that to the so many valuable advice I got from some of you. I will make a proper report someday. Recently, I'm finding it very hard to write the things I plan to. I write at past midnight, when I am very tired and feeling sleepy. I get inspiration fast in that mode with the drawback that I often have little control over the choice of what to write. I simply write whatever comes to my mind. This has been making it very hard for me to plan a blog post, like the proper report of that my talk on entrepreneurship. When I get inspiration at 4am it's usually to write something I never planned to.

I will be waiting for your valuable advice. I know that once again, you will all help me do a remarkable job. Thanks.


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