The Websites You Need To Use More Of This Year

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For a lot of us Facebook takes more of our time than we would like to give it. A couple of us don't seem to be getting much value from our intensive twitter activities. And for those in love with Instagram all the love they get back are the laughs the funny pictures they frequently come across induce. We all spend time on websites that give us little value in return.

Today, however, I'll be sharing with you the websites you should spend more time on this year.

1. Wikipedia
If you ask me to rate all websites, Wikipedia will get the top stop. It is a dictionary, an encyclopedia, a book of biographies, a science journal and a research companion. Whenever you've got serious work to do online you will often find yourself visiting the website more.

2. LinkedIn
If you are serious about your business and career then you have to be on LinkedIn and be very active. I have gotten jobs and clients from LinkedIn than from adverts or any other channel. It has given me visibility in the field of expertise I focus on and gotten me a lot of high value connections.

3. Google
You should be doing more Google searches this year. Learn more about everything that interests you.

4. Maps
There is a pleasant feeling about going somewhere you've not been before and just being guided by a map. And this time I mean an online map. Google Map, preferably. I once went to meet a friend/client and when I asked for the meeting venue he sent me a Google map link. I also delivered a training participant's e-class materials to her place by following Google Map directions.

And those are the four websites I think everyone of us should use more of this year.


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