Updated my Surface RT to Windows 8.1 RT

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By now you would have gotten the gist that I now have a new tablet, the amazing Microsoft Surface RT.

Below are hurry hurry pics I took with my phone camera.

Well, the latest is that I installed the newest Windows OS, 8.1 preview on my Surface RT. And it's made my tablet the best thing since the invention of Sliced bread (or fried yam). It comes with a better graphics and customization options, but the best addition is the Outlook 2013. Now I can do my usual stuff on the tablet - sending HTML mails (tables and charts included in the mail body) and hopefully mass personalized mails. Thanks to the other Office apps - Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013 and almighty Excel 2013, I have the best tablet in the world. Yeah, forget about the Surface Pro, Surface RT has got 9 hours battery life. And don't even talk about the iPad or Galaxy tab, they are not suited for my need/work.

See me working on my Outlook 2013.

And it's got the sleekest home screen (start screen) on any device.


Finally, here is the PowerPoint presentation of a training I was in charge of (I can also train you too on UNIX/Linux)

Always remember that I am a Microsoft Excel consultant and will make MS Excel & PowerPoint dance and sing for you (and your company). Drop a comment if you need my service.


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