Airtel and MTN SMS center number for cyanogen modded android phones

As you already know, I modded my Samsung Galaxy S2 with CyanogenMod 

At the beginning of this month I noticed something very disturbing.
I got a happy new month message from a dear friend and I tried replying; no way. I tried repeatedly, I kept getting message not sent. I googled the MTN SMSC code and as expected it was still +2348030000000, I tapped that into my modded android phone and got an error. I googled all the combination of mtn + android + sms + message + error + can't send; and no suggestion found worked. I switched the phone off and on severally, no result.

So for more than 8 days I couldn't send an SMS.
Then suddenly, on Wednesday, like a flash bulb, an idea lit up in my head. I removed my Airtel SIM from my Blackberry and put the SIM in the android phone, then I went to the settings to see the SMSC number. To my surprise it was 089132420000000f8 instead of +2348020000000 that is the actual SMSC number. I tried sending an SMS and it was successful. 
So I did what anyone would do.
Airtel's real SMSC number is +2348020000000 but my android phone sees it as 089132420000000f8
Then MTN's that is +2348030000000 must be same as 089132430000000f8 on my android phone.
I removed the Airtel SIM and put back in my MTN SIM, updated the SMSC number as 089132430000000f8 and that was it! I was able to send SMSs again!

So, if you ever get into similar problem. Forget about what the SIM manual says and take the SMSC numbers to be -
089132420000000f8 for Airtel, and
089132430000000f8 for MTN

And if you can't seem to find where to enter this setting, dial #*#*4636#*#* and you'll be taken to Android secret settings menu. In the Phone Information, scroll down and you'll see the SMSC field. Enter the SMSC number and tap on Update.

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  1. how can i find a smsc in an iphone4s????

  2. Hi,

    On your Phone app, go to keypad and type in *#5005*7672# and dial. The message number is displayed.

    To change the SMSC do **5005*7672*[SMSCnumber]#
    E.g. **5005*7672*+2348030000000#

  3. You must be one smart guy out there. But please, the 'comment' box is not easily found under the various articles. I read your post on how to live life better in lagos but I could not make comments there because I couldn't find the comment box. All the same, you are funny, smart and intelligent! Keep on.

  4. Thanks bro! I'll try to fix the comment box glitch. I hope you've subscribed to my blog so you'll never miss my once a day inspiring update.

    Thanks again!

  5. Please how do I do this on htc one x

  6. Hi Anonymous friend,

    This procedure will work also. Just dial *#*#4636#*#* and follow the steps I laid out.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Great job bro. Bless you. Been struggling with this for weeks. Now I'm back.

  8. Please will this work on lenovo phone?

    1. Not sure, been about 4 years now. Technically, it works on all Cyanogen modded android phone. Is your Lenovo modded? Like the original OS flashed/flushed out and replaced with CyanogenMod?

  9. Good day. Im having this same issue on my airtel line which is on a samsung j2 phone. i was told to change the message centre number to +2348020000008 and even 9, but i still cant send texts. what do i do

  10. Bro your brain get oil, thanks man I got the same issues with a small mobile phone so I use the +2348... And it works in the small phone I guess Android version change the smsc centre code.


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