MVP #6: Make an Excel chart with two axes and different chart types

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Excel Chart

Hi there, in this post I will show you how to make the Excel chart above, one with two axes (primary and secondary axes) and two different chart types.

So let's start!

Make a fictitious table of a company's 12 year annual revenue figure, like the one below.

Excel table for chart

Then as shown below, select the entire table and insert a Column chart. After selecting the table, just click on Insert on the Menu bar, then Column and the 2-D cluster column chart (1st chart)

Making an Excel column chart

A chart like the one below will come up

The Excel column chart

Now, we are going to change the Annual Growth to a line chart. Right click on the Annual Growth legend in the chart and select Change Series Chart Type

Changing Chart Series Type

Then, choose the Line chart

Choosing the Line chart

Now, we will move the Annual Growth line chart to its own axis, a secondary axis on the right.
To do this, right click once again on the Annual Growth legend and select Format Data Series

Formatting Data Series to create secondary axis
Then in the Series Options, select Secondary Axis

Moving the Annual Growth to a secondary axis

We are nearly done.
We will give our chart a Title. To do this, goto Layout on the Menu bar, click on Chart Title, select Above Chart (recommended). I titled it Company XYZ.

Adding a chart title

We are going to remove the Legends, they are occupying a third of the entire chart space.
To do this, (again) goto Layout on the Menu bar, click on Legend, then None.

Removing chart legend
Wow! We're almost there.
Now, we'll add a Data table to make the chart more readable and professional.
Still under the Layout, click on Data Table, and select Show Data Table with Legend Keys

Adding a Data Table
Looking pro!
Let me show some extra formatting tools often used.
Goto Format and try out the different chart formats. Below are some screenshots.

Changing chart format
Changing chart format
But I prefer this -
my preferred chart format

You can make the data bars for Revenue look more visually appealing. Just goto Format, Shape Effects, and try out the different effects possible. Settle for the one you most prefer. In this sample chart (below) I applied the second Preset (named Preset 2).

Adding shape effect

Now the chart is done.
Final Chart

BONUS: If you prefer to see the years progress from left to right (and not the right to left we did), very easy. Just right click on the Year (in cell A1), and sort, A-Z.


Voila! Here is the resulting chart.

Resulting Excel chart

Congratulations, you are now an advanced Excel user. Only a small percentage of Excel users can create this chart you just made.

Need extra help, contact me via the comment box.


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