Default passwords for Routers, PBX, Wireless APs, Firewalls, modems (part 3)

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This post is a copy of the default passwords and usernames for popular network devices like router, switch, PBX and so on.

I broke them to three parts. This is part 3, here is part 1 and part 2.

You can the complete list at

Oracle Oracle RDBMS system/manager sys/change_on_install
Infosmart SOHO router admin 0
Pansonic KXTD1232 admin 1234
Areca RAID controllers admin 0
Avaya Definity dadmin dadmin01
Allied Telesyn ALAT8326GB manager manager
Sun Cobalt admin admin
iblitzz BWA711/All Models admin admin
Netgear dg834g admin password
E-Con Econ DSL Router admin epicrouter
Allied Telesyn AT8016F manager friend
Dell Laser Printer 3000cn / 3100cn admin password
Sonic-X SonicAnime root admin
Siemens SpeedStream 4100 admin hagpolm1
Wanadoo Livebox admin admin
Pirelli Pirelli AGE-SB admin smallbusiness
McData FC Switches/Directors Administrator password
BBR-4MG and BBR-4HG BUFFALO root n/a
Swissvoice IP 10S target password
creative 2015U n/a (none)
Tandberg Data DLT8000 Autoloader 10x n/a 10023
IBM Infoprint 6700 root (none)
ASUS WL-500G admin admin
Phoenix v1.14 Phoenix v1.14 Administrator admin
asus WL500g admin admin
Symbol AP-2412 n/a Symbol
Symbol AP-3020 n/a Symbol
Symbol AP-4111 n/a Symbol
Symbol AP-4121 n/a Symbol
Symbol AP-4131 n/a Symbol
telindus telindus admin admin
us robotic adsl gateway wireless router support support
D-Link Dsl-300g+ (none) private
D-Link DSL-300g+ admin admin
Billion BIPAC-640 AC (none) (none)
Blue Coat Systems ProxySG admin articon
KTI KS2600 admin 123456
KTI KS2260 admin 123
Exabyte Magnum20 anonymous Exabyte
Sorenson SR-200 (none) admin
D-Link DI-524 admin (none)
McAfee SCM 3100 scmadmin scmchangeme
Zebra 10/100 Print Server admin 1234
apple airport5 root admin
Xerox DocuCentre 425 admin 22222
NOKIA 7360 (none) 9999
Advantek Networks Wireless LAN 802.11 g/b admin (none)
ZyXEL Prestige 900 webadmin 1234
LG Aria iPECS (none) jannie
Corecess 6808 APC corecess corecess
NRG or RICOH DSc338 Printer (none) password
Xerox Document Centre 405 admin admin
Proxim Orinoco 600/2000 (none) (none)
SMC Router/Modem admin barricade
Netgear Router/Modem admin password
Nullsoft Shoutcast admin changeme
Conexant Router n/a epicrouter
Network Everywhere NWR11B (none) admin
Netgear MR314 admin 1234
Aethra Starbridge EU admin password
Milan mil-sm801p root root
cisco 2600 Administrator admin
giga 8ippro1000 Administrator admin
Netgear GSM7224 admin (none)
Gericom Phoenix Administrator (none)
Bausch Datacom Proxima PRI ADSL PSTN Router4 Wireless admin epicrouter
Sun Microsystems ILOM of X4100 root changeme
dlink adsl admin admin
Conexant Router n/a admin
Edimax ES-5224RXM admin 123
IronPort Messaging Gateway Appliance admin ironport
3c om 812 Administrator admin
Asante FM2008 admin asante
Broadlogic XLT router webadmin webadmin
Broadlogic XLT router admin admin
Broadlogic XLT router installer installer
Cisco Aironet (none) _Cisco
Cisco Aironet Cisco Cisco
Cisco HSE root blender
Cisco HSE hsa hsadb
Cisco WLSE root blender
Cisco WLSE wlse wlsedb
Digicom Michelangelo admin michelangelo
Digicom Michelangelo user password
Enterasys Vertical Horizon tiger tiger123
Pentaoffice Sat Router (none) pento
Pirelli AGE ADSL Router admin microbusiness
Pirelli AGE ADSL Router user password
System/32 VOS install secret
Tandem TACL super.super (none)
Tandem TACL super.super master
VxWorks misc admin admin
VxWorks misc guest guest
Westell Wang CSG SESAME
Westell Wirespeed wireless router admin sysAdmin
3COM CoreBuilder n/a admin
CNET CNET 4PORT ADSL MODEM admin epicrouter
SMC SMCWBR14-G (none) smcadmin
asmack router admin epicrouter
JAHT adsl router admin epicrouter
D-Link firewall admin admin
ovislink WL-1120AP root (none)
Linksys WRT54G (none) admin
canyon router Administrator admin
3COM CoreBuilder n/a (none)
Kalatel Calibur DSR-2000e n/a 3477
Kalatel Calibur DSR-2000e n/a 8111
IBM T20 n/a admin
3com officeconnect admin (none)
3com office connect admin (none)
Asus WL500g Deluxe admin admin
IBM IBM n/a (none)
Pentagram Cerberus ADSL modem + router admin password
SMC Modem/Router cusadmin highspeed
ihoi oihoh Administrator pilou
corecess 3113 admin (none)
D-link DSL500G admin admin
Asus P5P800 n/a admin
Dell Remote Access Card root calvin
d-link di-524 admin (none)
ion nelu n/a admin
ion nelu Administrator admin
D-link DSL-504T admin admin
Planet ADE-4110 admin epicrouter
Planet XRT-401D admin 1234
ASMAX AR701u / ASMAX AR6024 admin epicrouter
ASMAX AR800C2 admin epicrouter
ASMAX AR800C2 admin epicrouter
D-link DSL-G604T admin admin
Cisco Aironet 1200 root Cisco
D-link Di-707p router admin (none)
Linksys model WRT54GC compact wireless-G broadband router (none) admin
Minolta QMS Magicolor 3100 operator (none)
IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA) USERID PASSW0RD
IBM BladeCenter Mgmt Console USERID PASSW0RD
Draytek Vigor 2600 admin (none)
LG LAM200E / LAM200R admin epicrouter
Linksys AG 241 - ADSL2 Gateway with 4-Port Switch admin admin
Micronet 3351 / 3354 admin epicrouter
Planet ADE-4000 admin epicrouter
SAGEM FAST 1400 admin epicrouter
SMC 7204BRA smc smcadmin
U.S. Robotics SureConnect 9003 ADSL Ethernet/USB Router root 12345
U.S. Robotics SureConnect 9105 ADSL 4-Port Router admin admin
3COM OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router (none) admin
ZyXEL Prestige 645 admin 1234
olitec (Trendchip) sx 202 adsl modem router admin admin
Entrust getAccess websecadm changeme
Cable And Wireless ADSL Modem/Router admin 1234
Telco Systems Edge Link 100 telco telco
ZyXEL ZyWALL Series Prestige 660R-61C n/a admin
DI624 D-LINK admin password
SMC SMCWBR14-G n/a smcadmin
Ricoh Aficio AP3800C (none) password
Wyse Winterm 3150 n/a password
Ricoh Aficio 2232C n/a password
edimax wireless adsl router admin epicrouter
Deutsche Telekom T-Sinus 154 DSL (none) 0
Asmax Ar-804u admin epicrouter
aztech DSL-600E admin admin
comtrend ct536+ admin (none)
Quintum Technologies Inc. Tenor Series admin admin
Alcatel OmniPCX Office ftp_inst pbxk1064
Alcatel OmniPCX Office ftp_admi kilo1987
Alcatel OmniPCX Office ftp_oper help1954
Alcatel OmniPCX Office ftp_nmc tuxalize
Netgear ADSL Modem DG632 admin password
Allied Telesyn AT-AR130 (U) -10 Manager friend
Mikrotik Router OS admin (none)
Netgear WGT634U admin password
D-Link DI-524 user (none)
Ricoh AP410N admin (none)
3ware 3DM Administrator 3ware
Netgear FWG114P n/a admin
ALCATEL 4400 mtcl (none)
Netgear GS724t n/a password
CTC Union ATU-R130 root root
3Com Shark Fin User Password
Scientific Atlanta DPX2100 admin w2402
Terayon Unknown (none) (none)
Terayon Unknown (none) (none)
Linksys Comcast comcast 1234
NetGear Comcast comcast 1234
Zyxel Prestige 660HW admin admin
Atlantis A02-RA141 admin atlantis
Atlantis I-Storm Lan Router ADSL admin atlantis
Linksys WAG54GS admin admin
IBM T42 Administrator admin
Huawei MT880r TMAR#HWMT8007079 (none)
OKI C5700 root the 6 last digit of the MAC adress
Sagem F@st 1200 (Fast 1200) root 1234
Minolta QMS Magicolor 3100 admin (none)
Ricoh Aficio 2020D admin password
Juniper ISG2000 netscreen netscreen
Linksys/ Cisco RTP300 w/2 phone ports admin admin
Linksys/ Cisco RTP300 w/2 phone ports user tivonpw
samsung modem/router admin password
mediatrix 2102 mediatrix 2102 admin 1234
Draytek Vigor 2900+ admin admin
smc smc 7904BRA (none) smcadmin
DLINK 604 n/a admin
ZyXel Prestige P660HW admin 1234
topsec firewall superman talent
US Robotics USR9110 admin (none)
CNET CSH-2400W admin 1234
Psionteklogix 9160 admin admin
AirTies RT-210 AirTies RT-210 admin admin
Siemens SE560dsl admin admin
Psionteklogix 9160 admin admin
Netgear WG602 admin password
Minolta PagrPro QMS 4100GN PagePro n/a sysadm
Secure Computing Webwasher admin (none)
Cisco CallManager admin admin
Cisco WSLE wlseuser wlsepassword
Cisco WLSE enable (none)
Netgear CG814CCR cusadmin highspeed
Brother NC-2100p (none) access
Signamax 065-7726S admin admin
Panasonic PBX TDA 100/200/400 (none) 1234
Zyxel Router (none) 1234
Huawei mt820 admin admin
Irongate NetSurvibox 266 admin NetSurvibox
netgear sc101 admin password
Bluecoat ProxySG (all model) admin admin
SMC smc7904wbrb (none) smcadmin
SMC SMC7004VBR n/a smcadmin
Symbol CB3000 admin symbol
Xerox 240a admin x-admin
Ericsson MD110 MD110 help
Ericsson BP250 admin default
Cisco Cisco Wireless Location Appliance root password
Topcom Wireless Webr@cer 1154+ PSTN (Annex A) admin admin
Topcom Wireless Webr@cer 1154+ PSTN (Annex A) admin admin
Topcom Wireless Webr@cer 1154+ PSTN (Annex A) admin admin
Sercom IP806GA admin admin
Sercom IP806GB admin admin
draytek Vigor3300 series draytek 1234
netgear DG834GT admin Password
d-link ads500g admin admin
Konica Minolta magicolor 5430 DL admin administrator
planet akcess point admin admin
Sharp AR-M355N admin Sharp
Sharp MX-3501n Administrator admin
3com LANplex n/a admin
Cisco MeetingPlace technician 2 + last 4 of Audio Server chasis Serial case-sensitive + 561384
cuproplus bus n/a (none)
wline w3000g admin 1234
Tandberg 6000MXP Admin (none)
hp 2300 admin admin
Actiontec Wireless Broadband Router admin password
D-Link DI-634M admin (none)
Silvercrest WR-6640Sg admin admin
Deutsche Telekom T-Sinus 1054 DSL (none) 0
Netgear FVS114 admin password
Nokia M1921 (none) nokai
Nokia ADSL router M1921 (none) nokia
Siemens Speedstream SS2614 n/a admin
TrendNET TEW-435BRM admin password
Netgear RO318 admin 1234
ZTE ZXDSL 831 ADSL expert03
Alcatel 7300 ASAM SUPERUSER ANS#150
Shoretel ALL admin changeme
stratacom all stratacom stratauser
Toshiba E-Studio 3511c Admin 123456
Xerox WorkCentre 7132 11111 x-admin
Sharp AL-1655CS admin Sharp
3Com 3CRWDR100A-72 admin 1234admin
Juniper Netscreen serial# serial#
Cisco ONS CISCO15 otbu+1
Telewell TW-EA501 admin admin
NOMADIX AG5000 admin (none)
Mediatrix MDD 2400/2600 administrator (none)
Dell 2161DS Console Switch Admin (none)
digicom Wavegate 54C Admin (none)
Siemens Hipath 31994 31994
Sparklan Wx-6215 D and G admin admin
Applied Innovations AIscout scout scout
Planet WAP 4000 admin admin
fon La fonera admin admin
Lanier Digital Imager admin (none)
Netgear WGT624 Gearguy Geardog
Dell PowerConnect 2724 admin (none)
D-Link DI-524 Alphanetworks wrgg15_di524
DIGICOM Michelangelo Wave108 root admin
US Robotics USR9106 admin admin
SpeedStream 5200-Serie SpeedStream Administrator admin
Siemens Gigaset (none) 0
Comtrend ct-536+ admin admin
Comtrend ct-536+ admin 1234
2wire wifi routers none Wireless
Sphairon (Versatel WLAN-Router) admin passwort
HP MSL Series Libraries Factory 56789
Overland NEO Series Libraries Factory 56789
OKI 6120e and 421n admin OkiLAN
siemen speedstream 5400 admin (none)
Various DD-WRT root admin
Aztecj DSL 600EU root admin
Aztecj DSL 600EU isp isp
Linksys rv082 admin (none)
AVAYA P333 Administrator ggdaseuaimhrke
AVAYA P333 root ggdaseuaimhrke
Infoblox INFOBLOX Appliance admin (none)
Avocent Cyclade root tslinux
EMC DS-4100B admin (none)
Citel Handset Gateway citel password
Citel Handset Gateway (none) citel
Grandstream GXP-2000 admin 1234
SysMaster M10 admin 12345
pfSense pfSense Firewall admin pfsense
ASUS ASUS WL-330 Pocket Wireless Access Point admin admin
Planex BRL-04UR admin 0
maxdata 7000x n/a (none)
Conceptronic C54BRS4 admin 1234
OPEN Networks 812L root 0P3N
Thomson Wireless Cable Gateway (none) admin
Thomson SpeedTouch AP n/a admin
KASDA KD318-MUI admin adslroot
Intracom jetSpeed admin admin
cisco 2600 router cisco (none)
Edimax EW-7206APG admin 1234
SMC SMCWBR14-G (none) smcadmin
ASUS ASUS SMTA Router admin admin
linksys wrt54g admin admin
Addon GWAR3000/ARM8100 admin admin
ZyXeL 660HW admin (none)
Netgear Wifi Router admin password
Apache Tomcat Web Server Administration Tool admin (none)
Sitecom WL-0xx up to WL-17x admin admin
greatspeed DSL netadmin nimdaten
Nokia M1122 (none) Telecom
Nortel VPN Gateway admin admin
Fortinet Fortigate maintainer bcpb+serial#
Fortinet Fortigate maintainer admin
Crossbeam COS / XOS (none) x40rocks
Edimax Edimax Fast Ethernet Switch admin password
Prolink H9000 Series admin password
netgear dg834 n/a admin
Brother MFC-420CN n/a access
D-Link DWL-G730AP admin (none)
Fujitsu Siemens Fibre Channel SAN storage FX 60 manage !manage
Fujitsu Siemens Fibre Channel SAN storage FX 60 manage !manage
Spectra Logic 64000 Gator administrator (none)
Spectra Logic 64000 Gator operator (none)
HP t5000 Thin Client series Administrator admin
Huawei MT880 admin admin
ATL P1000 operator 1234
ATL P1000 Service 5678
Topcom Skyr@cer Pro AP 554 admin admin
Netgear FSM7326P 24+2 L3 mANAGED PoE Switch admin (none)
seninleyimben @skan admin admin
Sagem Livebox admin admin
Inventel Livebox admin admin
INOVA ONT4BKP (IP clock) iclock timely
D-Link G624T admin admin
Ricoh Ricoh admin (none)
infacta group mail Administrator (none)
Linksys WRT54GS admin admin
Lanier LD335 supervisor (none)
3COM OfficeConnect 812 ADSL Administrator admin
Comcast Home Networking Comcast Home Networking comcast (none)
SMC SMC8013WG-CCR mso w0rkplac3rul3s
Zyxel ES-2108 admin 1234
D-Link WBR-1310 admin (none)
Sharp AR-M155 admin Sharp
Sharp MX-5500 admin admin
Toshiba E-Studio 4511c admin 123456
Leviton 47611-GT5 admin leviton
Nortel Passport 2430 Manager (none)
BUFFALO WLAR-L11-L / WLAR-L11G-L root (none)
Xerox 6204 n/a 0
iDirect iNFINITY series admin P@55w0rd!
iDirect iNFINITY series root iDirect
US Robotics USR5462 n/a admin
telecom home hauwei operator (none)
Davolink DV2020 user user
motorola sgb900 admin motorola
zyxel g-570s n/a admin
Beetel ADSL Modem admin password
Linksys WAG354G admin admin
QLogic SANbox 5602 Fibre Channel Switch admin password
QLogic SANbox 5602 Fibre Channel Switch images images
Lucent Cellpipe n/a admin
Buffalo Technology TeraStation admin password
linksys wag354g admin admin
Thomson TCW-710 (none) admin
Ricoh Aficio 551 (none) sysadm
Cisco PIX enable (none)
Guru Wireless ADSL2 admin admin
Colubris MSC admin admin
Netgear WGR614 admin draadloos
T-Com Speedport Router Family (none) 0
Mikrotik Mikrotik admin (none)
Zyxel Prestige 650HW31 60020 @dsl_xilno
Netgear MR814 admin password
Motorola SURFboard admin motorola
linksys BEFW11S4 (none) admin
WLAN_3D Router Administrator admin
Brother HL5270DN admin access
TrendMicro InterScan 7.0 admin imss7.0
Promise NS4300N NAS engmode hawk201
Ricoh Aficio 1018d n/a sysadm
Ricoh Aficio 1013F n/a sysadm
Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones Polycom 456


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