Same Mistake, New Excuse

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Have you noticed that we keep making the same mistakes, and content ourselves with finding new excuses?
Well, I have a friend* who while we were at the University was weekly misplacing his copy of the room key. Nearly every week we were either searching a restaurant, turning the next room upside down, mowing a lawn with our hands, upturning his shirts and trousers, aimless walking round the reading room or just thinking of where next to search. I remember a day, after managing not to misplace the key for two weeks, his mind couldn't adjust to this unusual event and made him believe he has misplaced a key that was safely tucked in his left pocket. That day, we went to every room and restaurant we had been to, we left no sand unseen along the paths we took. And when he heaved and put his hands in his pockets out of exhaustion, the key was found.
Fast forward 8 years, James is thinking of getting a tracker for his car key. Well, I told him, he'll need a tracker for that tracker and another tracker for the second tracker... It's either he left the key at the ignition or it's in his last trouser or it's in one of the numerous places he's been since coming out of the car. And now he has become extremely creative in misplacing a key, and that he's looking for his car key has become something as usual as the sun coming up everyday. In fact, no one bothers to help him search for it, all everyone says is - "I haven't seen it, have you checked the car door?".
Though James keeps misplacing his key with a near constant frequency, yet one remarkable change occurred over the years. James' immediate response has changed from - "I just don't know where the key is." to - "I'm very sure I placed the key here! Someone must have taken it." and currently to - "I have so many daily tasks, work is killing, my boss is a request spilling machine and you guys keep making fun of me. I can possibly focus my mind on a car key under these circumstances!"
Same Mistake, New Excuse. 
Even while we were at the University and we had just resumed an academic year, and his daily tasks were no more than sleeping and eating, he faithfully misplaced his room key regularly. So, only his new girlfriend can fall for his excuse, old friends won't.
Unfortunately, we are all like James. We keep repeating our mistakes and bother more about upgrading our excuses. Just look within, spanning your childhood till date, and if you don't agree I will like to know your reasons.

* fictitious friend


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