Choice applications on my Samsung Galaxy S2

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S2, costing me more than my two months free cash, and though there is now a Samung Galaxy S3 yet S2 is still a very highly rated android smartphone. In fact, it was named the best smartphone at the Mobile World Congress this year 

I won't bore you with the details of all the great timeless features of the phone that makes it a kill. But I will be stunning you with the crisp screenshots that show you all my choice applications on the phone and my widget filled homescreens.

 HomeScreen 1

HomeScreen 2

HomeScreen 3

HomeScreen 4

HomeScreen 5

HomeScreen 6

HomeScreen 7


Foursquare, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Voice Recorder, IP Webcam, Brightest Flashlight, Algeo, ColorNote, Compass, Adobe Reader, CamScanner, LinkedIn, Goggles

metal sniffer, AVG Antivirus, ES file Explorer, Evernote, WhatsApp, Bible, EasyMoney, Expense Manager, Dropbox, SKype, Bloomberg

Economist, Time Mobile, Kobo, SMS Backup+, BBC News, Barcode Scanner, SoundHound, TuneIn Radio, RealPlayer


Those are my choice applications, if you are interested in any specific one and would like to know more about that app, just ask me via the comment box below.


  1. Wowz. #Epic collection. Safe to assume a lot of work went into getting, setting up and tweaking all those apps. *Shudders*

  2. Thanks bro. Yeah, did small nerding to get them done.


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