I need more money


Life is like a game of monopoly, no one ever gets rich living on his paycheck alone. And for me, I have been barely surviving on my paycheck. The truth is that I have been living from paycheck to paycheck, so bad that whenever my pay is delayed by 2 or 3 days, I feel extremely pressurized and like I will need a loan to come to work the following week. Yeah, it's that bad, everyone in the office notices and they even try to assure me that delay is with the bank.

So, how have I been trying to fix this?
Simple! Get extra income. Well, it sounds simple but trying to do this has made 2012 my toughest year so far. I have read several books, online articles and conference materials. Well, I can boldly say I have only succeeded in increasing my monthly expense and not my monthly income. Sincerely, I have done so many near impossible things in my life, you see, like my final year project, it was a killer, my supervisor never believed it could be done. I have also managed to learn several languages and in a very short time too: French, HTML, VB.Net, java, C#, C, C++, FORTRAN, Basic, PHP and BASH scripting. Even my English is spot-on. And in the University, by my second year I had figured out a way to trump any course. When I wasn't looking to make money, I won a scholarship and sold some of my poems, and even wrote someone a FORTRAN program for cash.

So, you can imagine the huge confidence I had (well, still have some left) in myself. I checked the list of world billionaires and their biography, it had all sorts of people: morons, geeks and all sorts. Hey, I definitely belong in there, getting there can't be as tough as MEE202 or EEE341, let alone my final year project. All I need do is... ehmm, charge people for services I enjoy rendering and grow my extra cash flow through investment. Yeah, that's the strategy, a simple yet powerful one. And the books confirmed it, it's the perfect wealth growth scheme. And believe me, I have given more than my all in implementing this strategy. I have tried all sorts from helping people convert their books to audiobooks to teaching old people computer use. Though, I am yet to increase my cash flow I am not going to give up. In fact, I have figured out my main obstacle, Time. Thanks to Deaver Brown who taught me to pour more than the required work-hours into my day job, I have been faithfully doing that even to the cost of several Saturdays. So, if I can't get a dream job, I mean a job I can do while sleeping, I need to figure out how to max out the little weekend time I have. And this, my friend, has been my fishbone in the throat.

However, to show any improvement I have made, I will be making a series of blog posts on my situation's status. So, till the next post, ciao!


  1. I see you enabled ads. What do the ads on the blog fetch you? Perhaps you can also look to tuturials or developing programs for students from the school you went to.

  2. Hello Somze, great to hear from you and quite fulfilling to have you read my blog.
    Actually, the ads have been fetching me peanuts ($0.30/day). I will write your suggestions in my book of ideas, and definitely update you on successes I've made.


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