My most used iOS apps (works on iPod, iPhone & iPad)

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Whenever you search the web for "Best iPhone Apps", "Must have iPhone Apps" or "Most popular iPhone Apps", you'll definitely end up with sites telling you about apps you'll hardly find useful on a day-to-day basis.

So I have decided to put up the list of apps I have found most useful for me, apps I spent most of my iOS hours on. 
1. Audible

I can't exaggerate my use of Audible.

2. OliveTree  Bible Reader
Well this might not be on the download list of numerous people, but for folks like me this might be the best Bible Reader.

3. AED Dictionary
Surprisingly, since I installed this app I have found it extremely easy to check the meaning of words and acronyms I don't know. It has a mini bio of all the world's popular (past and present) people, and also very useful word links and synonyms.

4. Kobo
Kobo is arguably the best ebook reader on iOS. With the extensive features it has that other ebook readers put together still do not offer, even Kindle app pales when compared with Kobo.

5. Adobe Reader
I enjoy reading my less than 50 page pdf files exclusively in Adobe Reader, while I read my 600 page pdf books in Kobo.

6. Economist
The Economist iPhone app has been a weekly must use app for me. 

7. LinkedIn
Way better than using the LinkedIn website on computer, makes searching people and adding them extremely easy. 

8. Facebook
A must have if you have a Facebook account.

9. DropBox
Dropbox is unarguably the best cloud storage service, it seamlessly syncs all your valuable files across all major (mobile and computer) operating system platforms.

10. Fre-Eng Dictionary
A personal favourite that greatly helps me in my French language learning. 

These are my ten most used apps.
And in case you noticed I use iPod snapshots, I have written a post on how I share my phone internet access across several devices here.

Feel free to share yours via the comment box.


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