How to include any folder in your Send To destination on Windows

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I have this folder I named "Download", It is one of the largest folder in my Windows partition because it is where I stuff all my software and other downloads. I have always wished that I could right click on any software on a flash drive or CD and see Downloads folder as one of the destination I could Send To.

Well this wish did come true, so I will show you how I did it.
I navigated to where my Downloads folder is located on my windows explorer and left the window open.
I then navigated to my user account's home folder (mine was C:\Documents and Settings\freeman) on another explorer window. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, the path will be similar to this C:\Users\freeman. Goto the menu bar (in Vista and Windows 7, you will have to press the Alt button first before you will see the menu bar), click on Tools, Folder Options, choose the View tab and under the Advanced settings make sure that Show hidden files and folders is dotted. Apply and Ok the selection, then you should be able to see the Send To folder (it will appear faded).

Enter the folder. Now position the first explorer window that contains the folder you want to add as a Send To destination beside the Send To explorer window, as shown above.
Right click on the desired folder and drag it to the Send To folder, and choose Create Shortcut here.

Well that's all, you will now be able to send files and folders directly to this folder from anywhere.


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