Last year's was amazing. And we are planning towards having a more amazing one this year.

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The full details are (till we get the verified presentation topics and presenters):

Nigerian Excel Users 2019 Meetup
The Zone Tech Park, Plot 9 Gbagada Industrial Scheme, UPS b/stop, Gbagada Expressway, Lagos.
23rd November, 2019 (09:00am to 3:30pm)

Start Time: 09:00am

1) Introduction and networking (25 mins)

2) General Discussions pt 1(Your Excel Journey, career advantage, Excel pet peeves, ideas, the esoteric, 30 mins)

3) Presentation 1 (25 mins) + Q & A (10 mins)

4) Presentation 2 (25 mins) + Q & A (10 mins)

5) Presentation 3 (25 mins) + Q & A (10 mins)

6) Break (10 mins)

7) Presentation 4 (25 mins) + Q & A (10 mins)

8) Presentation 5 (25 mins) Q & A (10 mins)

9) Presentation 6 (25 mins) + Q & A (10 mins)

10) Break (10 mins)

11) Presentation 7 (25 mins) Q & A (10 mins)

12) Presentation 8 (25 mins) Q & A (10 mins)

13) General Discussions pt 2 (Your Excel Journey, career advantage, Excel pet peeves, ideas, the esoteric, 30 mins)

15) Close (5 mins)

End Time: 3:30pm (Networking continues)

There will be drinks and snacks.

Don't forget to register to attend via 

A big thanks to all who were able to make the live broadcast. Especially, for bearing with the initial broadcast hiccups. You can watch the recorded session at:

Below are the slides and resources from the broadcast session. The next one would be on Equities Investing.

You can download the presentation slides at

Here are the links to the tools mentioned:
Excel file for tracking expenses -

App for tracking expenses -

Where to download real estate listing magazine -

Where search real estate price trends - and (years past) 

Where to chek stocks and crypto price trends -

Where to get stocks and macro-economic analysis -

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I have tried DSTV, Showmax (, DSTV Now (, YouTube TV (, Hulu ( and Netflix ( It's only Netflix I renew every month.

In today's post I am going to share the exciting tips I have snagged over the years of using Netflix (even before it was publicly available to us in Nigeria).

1. VPN opens you up to amazing new contents.
If you have always logged into Netflix from Nigeria, you are missing out on a lot. There are many wonderful movies (especially new and hit movies) that are geo-locked. Just logging in to your Netflix account from USA or Canada or UK or France or Germany or Australia opens you up to new great movies.

So how do I achieve this without leaving Nigeria? VPN. Specifically, I use ExpressVPN ( After trying many VPN providers, they are the only provider that consistently worked.

I usually set my location to USA or Canada, they have the largest collection of interesting movies and more recent hit movies.

2. Pick a genre
The new layout of Netflix tries to guess what you'll like to watch. The problem is that after a while you would have watched all the good guesses. Why not pick the genre you love and focus more on discovering the exciting movies in that genre that the homepage list omits.

3. History
Ever wanted to recommend a movie you recently watched but can't remember the title? It has happened to me many times. Now I simply go to my viewing history to get the name. It's under Account.

4. Search actor or actress' name
When I am getting frustrated with the movies I am being presented with, I just hit the search on a favorite actor/actress. Interestingly, I have done this on Jason Statham, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Pierce Brosnan, Mel Gibson, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds and Matt Dimon. I also click on their names in the movie details to pull up other movies they were in.

5. Avoid movies (not series) produced by Netflix
The movies produced by Netflix are mostly crap. I always feel like I wasted 2hrs whenever I watch them. So I just completely avoid them. However, their series are good. 

6. You can download to watch later on the PC and phone apps
If you have great internet access somewhere (I didn't say your office), you can download movies when there to watch at the airport lounge, at night at home and somewhere else you do not have cheap data. I have too much data and too little PC/phone space that I don't do this. Nevertheless, it is a tip worth sharing.


Occasionally, we are contracted to train on the general Microsoft Office. And I see people amazed by how much they don't know exist in Microsoft Word and how very exaggerated is their assessment of their competence in Microsoft Word.

Over the next couple of weeks, once a week, I will share with you some of the amazing things I have shown people in Microsoft Word.

For today, which marks the start of this series, I will be showing you a secret Microsoft Word formula that you can use to generate random texts in Microsoft Word. It can be very useful in creating templates and the skeleton of an important document.

You can watch my 2 minutes straight to the point video on it: 

The formulas are:
This generates 5 paragraphs.

This generates 5 paragraphs too

And for both, you can specify the number of paragraphs and sentences in each. Just use the following format =rand(3,5) or =lorem(3,5)

The first number is to set the number of paragraphs and the second number is to specify the number of sentences in each paragraph.

I gave an extra one in the YouTube video, so you might want to watch it for that extra one ( Enjoy!
There are two kinds of youths in Nigeria: those who are already processing their emigration and those who are yet to.

If you want to know if I am already processing my emigration, you will have to read to the end to find out.

Nigeria is certainly a tough country to live in. It requires deliberate optimism and a fat salary to not feel sad about being stuck here. I have both and in today's post I want to share that optimism.

I earn more than I spend. That explains the fat salary. I spend less than I earn.

I like a quiet life, a simple life and a creative life. Luckily, I get plenty of that here in Nigeria. I am writing a novel about what life is really like in Nigeria. Staying here will help me write it well.

I try to look for opportunities that open up due to the pessimism around. Everyday I monitor the stock market. I am building an analysis dashboard on the real estate market -- which locations are experiencing price increase over the last decade and which are over-hyped.

I examine gaps that the mass exodus is opening up. I look for which gap I can profit from. Maybe I should start a course for those needing to prep their CV for emigration. Luckily, I am in a field that gets a lot of foreign love. I just need to help others attract some of that love.

If you've got ideas of how people like me can make better value out of their staying, do please share. While I am still in the "yet" group, let me maximize my stay.