Free Coupon to Register for our Financial Modelling, Financial Planning and DCF Valuation Course

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You can register for free between today and Thursday 9th April 2020 for our newly published Financial Modelling, Financial Planning and DCF Valuation online course by using the following coupon link:

This is a fully hands-on course that will take you from a blank Excel file to creating a robust, dynamic and fully automated financial model that can be used for a startup or an existing company. It also prepares you for the Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) certification.
It covers the following sections:
  • Financial Model template creation and Excel tips
  • Fleshing out a dedicated Model Input sheet to aggregate all the client's plans
  • Creating scenarios -- Optimistic, Conservative, Pessimistic -- that will flow dynamically into the entire financial statements forecast
  • Creating the Revenue Schedule
  • Creating the Cost of Sales Schedule
  • Creating the Working Capital Schedule
  • Creating the Depreciation Schedule
  • Creating the Debt Schedule
  • Creating the Equity Schedule
  • Creating the Tax Schedule
  • Creating the Income Statement dynamically
  • Creating the Balance Sheet dynamically
  • Creating the Cashflow Sheet dynamically
  • Carrying out the DCF Valuation
  • Computing the Financial Ratios

Below are snapshots of the model structure you will be creating from scratch (from a blank Excel file).


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