Use This Period To Brush Up Your Excel, Power BI and/or Financial Modelling Skills

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I pray we all overcome the Covid-19 viral infection. I pray we all get through this period financially intact. I pray we all become better and grateful after this difficult period passes.

And as our own little contribution to helping you come out better, we have created free resources for you to use in improving your Excel, Power BI and Financial Modelling skills.

  1. Weekly tasks to sharpen your real-world problem solving skills cutting across Excel, Power BI and Financial Modeling. If you haven't joined, then here's the link to enroll - (premium resource only for past participants of our training class)
  2. Free registration to our Udemy course on Data Analysis (coupon expires on 2 April 2020) -- 
  3. Improve your template creation skills with this first part video to creating a Startup financial modeling template -- 
  4. Using Power BI to analyse stocks and macro-economic indices in Nigeria --
  5. XLOOKUP: Excel's new version of VLOOKUP -- 
  6. Power BI DAX UNION formula --
  7. Solution to Week 1 task using SUMIFS, INDEX, MATCH, SUMPRODUCT -- 
  8. New Excel Magic Formula: SORT --
  9. New Excel Magic Formula: UNIQUE --
  10. Basic Investment and Financial Planning webinar -- 
  11. Formula to generate random texts and paragraphs in Microsoft Word --
  12. How to autocreate table of contents and footer styles in Microsoft Word --
  13. Creating interactive dynamic forms in Microsoft Word -- 
  14. Power BI DAX SUMMARIZE formula --
  15. Automating report data update for analysis using PowerQuery -- 
  16. Power BI DAX CALENDAR formula --
  17. Power BI DAX VALUES formula -- 
  18. Power BI DAX CALCULATE formula --
  19. Power BI DAX CROSSJOIN formula --
  20. Power BI Row Level Security for report access control --
  21. Fuzzy Lookup in Excel for matching inconsistently spelled entries --
  22. PowerQuery and PowerPivot -- 
  23. Introduction to Excel Macros (VBA) --
  24. Creating a Data Entry application in Excel using VBA --
  25. Planning Tools in Excel (What-If-Analysis) -- 
  26. Create a Birthday Reminder in Excel using VBA -- 
  27. Unpivot Column in Power BI --

Keep Excel-ling!


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