We Have One Open Intern Role. Only for Undergraduates.

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On Tuesday we had our year start meeting and one of the decisions we concluded on is to have one intern spot always. Preferably for undergraduates.

We felt it would be a very good way to help students get exposure to the data analytics field and some corporate world valuable skills while we also get their fresh ideas and an extra hand to help with non-core tasks.

One of the ideas we have been implementing is giving back to the society and skilling university/polytechnic/college-of-education students with data analysis skills before they graduate. We have spent money on the platform and are almost done with it. We call it Microsoft Excel Club, www.msexcelclub.com 

We are working on have a presence in all the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in the country. And value proposition to the students are:

  1. Free certificate training on Data Analysis and Business Intelligence (certificate is by our USA educational platform partner)
  2. Exposure to global competitions in the data analysis space
  3. Exposure to internship opportunities (which is why reserving an intern slot in our company is one way of committing to this even as we try to get other companies too to give internship opportunities to the students on the platform)
  4. Local chapters with leaders who are supported with financial and educational resources to drive offline training and educational activities
  5. Gamified system of encouraging participation by allocating points to schools and students, and giving prize awards to the top schools and students each year/quarter.
You can check out the platform: www.msexcelclub.com  We are combining learning from AIESEC and other global educational platforms to create this model of covering all the higher institutions in Nigeria without a large permanent administrative team.

And this month, we are looking to kickstart the intern opportunity in our company. For this cycle we are looking for the following:
  1. An undergraduate doing his/her compulsory industrial training placement (internship)
  2. Studying a course that can align with our business space to make it easy for him/her to do his/her IT report
  3. We have identified courses like Business Admin, Accounting, Mathematics, Computer Science and similar courses as an easy fit
  4. The student will do a mix of admin, data analysis, data entry, financial data analysis and sponsored training activities. For one doing Computer Science or Mathematics we will expose him/her to big data analysis, programming and machine learning.
  5. The role is a temporary 3 to 6 months one
  6. It is on a rolling basis so we can give this opportunity to 2 or 3 people each year
  7. We pay a monthly stipend and give some of our office perks (health insurance etc)
  8. The person must be able to work out of our Lagos office
If you know someone eligible and who may be interested, do notify him/her to send his/her CV to hr@urbizedge.com 

Again, we can only take one person per cycle. There will be 2 or 3 or 4 cycles a year. And it is not open to graduates. Strictly for undergraduates (be it a student in university or polytechnic or college of education).



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