Setting Up Health Insurance, Pension, PAYE Tax, Bonus And Allowances For All Staff

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In continuation of the restructuring of my business. We are currently building a standard operating procedure (SOP) document for the company, that documents the company mission, vision, corporate values, services, strategy, organogram, each role description from Managing Director down and the internal processes for ensuring quality assurance (standardization) in the delivery of all our services.

Following John Warrillow's advice on trimming down our offerings to just the one or two we are extremely good at (the ones customers give us a consistent 5 star rating), we have decided to take out the traditional consulting which is difficult to productivise+scale and replace it with the Data Analysis as a Service. We would be focusing heavily on scaling our training services, which has been that rave review product for us. So now I am documenting how we deliver excellent training -- right from the prospecting, to sales conversion, to logistics, to training content, to the training delivery and after training engagement+support. Then will teach data analysts we hire, how to execute them all in the UrBizEdge way (already started this and happy with the progress). Also, we would be doing more on our mass market solutions side. 

In documenting the roles, we are including the terms of remuneration. So I have been rethinking the salary structure. How some roles will have a mix of fixed salary, performance bonus and allowance. Then this got me to hurry up on fixing our income (PAYE) tax registration. And we would pay pension as every organization should. We would have an health insurance plan for staff.

However, I am hitting some roadblocks as to what allowances and perks are applicable to the key roles we currently have people filling:

  1. Managing Director
  2. Business Development Manager
  3. Data Analysts
  4. Sales Executive
Since, it's money related stuff. I wanted to thoroughly think it through and go through as many recommendations/suggestions as possible before reviewing with the team.

Again, I would like suggestions from you all. How do companies typically structure these? Where can I get some more real world examples? Which have you seen/experienced? What, in general, do you think?



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