Free: Get My Power BI & MS Excel Books (Limited Time)

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This is going to short and straight to the point.

Amazon is currently running a promo on my books for a few days. You can get my books for free during these promo days. Best to get it now before it is out of promo and back to its normal sales price of $10 each.

Power BI for the Busy Professional -- 

Microsoft Excel and Business Data Analysis for The Busy Professional  -- 

Lastly, I am sharing new tips and content that will improve your business data analysis skills on YouTube, just subscribe to my channel to be in loop of all useful tips I share --

To your Excel-ling,
Michael Olafusi

P.S If you have gotten the books before or are able to get it during this promo period, please be kind to me and leave a review/rating on Amazon. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    Keep up the good work in providing valuable insight into the use of Excel in optimising business proficiencies plus the excellent work in the area of personal finance education.
    I am a regular reader of your work both on YouTube and through your blog.
    I would really love to purchase your book-"Microsoft Excel and Business Data Analysis for The Busy Professional",but right now,I find it really expensive @ $38.99.Have been waiting for quite a while for the price to at least drop but it seems the price will not be bulging at all for a foreseeable time in my view.Is there any way you could intervene to make it achieveable for me to purchase @least for $25.99.Thank you.Hoping to hear from your soon.


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