How I use my Airtel BB subscription freely on my MTN fastlink and Android phone


You're probably like me, with a Blackberry phone and BIS subscription and have a separate Internet modem to surf the net on your computer.

Well, I'm going to show you how I surf the net via my MTN Fastlink and my Android phone without any extra charge, just by using my Airtel SIM with NGN1,400 BIS complete subscription plan. And I download heavy files and do all sorts online without any extra charge or buying a data plan. The NGN1,400 BIS complete gets you 1GB data bundle you can use on any device or internet modem of your choice. In fact, if it's exhausted before the 30days plan coverage period, no problem you don't need to wait out the expiration, just follow the how-to here and you can subscribe 12 times in a month (if want). But, if you don't want your BIS plan to auto renew, easy, just follow the how-to here.

And believe me it is crazy simple! And you'll nearly hit yourself for never trying it.

Just make sure you have configured Airtel internet settings on your MTN Fastlink modem. Then insert the Airtel SIM that is already subscribed to BIS plan.

Click connect on your MTN Fastlink software, and VOOM! You'll be surfing the net for free!

In fact, I am writing this blog post via it and have already downloaded 100MB earlier today without a single kobo charge!


  1. Ok, let me try and see if it works, but is it only airtel dat works, what about etisalat or mtn

  2. Airtel and MTN works. I've tried both.

    The thing you should know is that you'll be using your data bundle.

    Airtel BB Complete Monthly Plan goes for #1400 and you're given 1Gb so you'll be usinng from the 1Gb.

    When you exhaust it, that's it!


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